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July 10th Recap: 3 pts (Nikolai's First Day After Quitting His Job)

The Day Trading Academy Blog has quit a surprise today. We are traveling around the world visiting a handful of graduate master traders that are quitting their jobs and becoming full time traders. We are calling it the Great Graduate Master Trader Tour (GMT Tour).

Nikolai was first on our list day trading from Nantucket Island.  Since we don’t hire any employees we always integrate our successful students into the training program.  Nikolai was one of the traders that initially convinced me to start teaching again after I left the previous company I was with assisting with training and strategy development.

Nantucket Island

The way life should be on Nantucket Island

When he attended our recent seminar in Toronto, Canada he shared with everyone that he was quitting his job. There was nothing I could do except be there or the occasion.  It is a very special day when a trader decides to quit his job and become a full time trader.

He ran two of our live market classes for everyone in our training program this week and today was the day when we were going to trade and watch the live market together.  Here is his very own recap of the trades he took and why.

When we had a vision of creating a successful army of day traders this is what we envisioned. It isn’t just about one guy making money with a strategy at The Day Trading Academy. We have seen a high number of traders go live and be successful by being able to pay attention to what is important. Being able to understand how the market works and adapting the every changing market dynamics.  This is what it is all about.

Stay profitable my friends…..

Stay tuned to The Day Trading Academy Blog for more updates!


  1. Congrats to Nikolai for taking the leap of quitting his job. My question for him is what kind of job did he have that allowed him to trade through the day, East coast time and still hold a regular full-time job? What kind of hours did he work and what hours were 90% of his trade executed between?


    1. Kevin, I held a finish carpentry job. My boss (a loud shout-out to him!) agreed to let me put in a couple of hours in the morning 7AM to 9AM and then come back after 1PM till 6PM or often later depending on our schedule and workload. I worked Saturdays as well, sometimes a full day, sometimes just a half day. This schedule, however, is very demanding.

      Thanks for the boost!

      1. Nikolai, Thanks for the information. My schedule is similar to yours where I am working and learning how to day trade. It is very demanding and I hope to only have another year yet. Once I become consistent and start seeing positive returns, it will reduce the pressure a little, but I am not there yet. Keep up the good work. You motivate the rest of us striving to trade full-time.

  2. Congrats Nikolai on your new life. Your coaching on the last couple classes was very insightful. It is a goal of mine to quit my day job like you did so I can pursuit my passions and dreams. Take care and keep us updated!

  3. Nikolai, congrats!
    I have had a chance to listen to your insights the last couple of days and they were awesome!
    Good luck with full time trading, next time you are in Boston, let me know and maybe we can grab lunch.

  4. I’m delighted to see Nicolai going full time and wish him all the best. After one of his live classes earlier in the year he took some of my charts to advised me. Then he was good enough to take some of his valuable time to Skype me to go over the charts even though I’m in a completely different time zone (Ireland). Congratulations and much appreciated Nicolai

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