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Day Trading From Nantucket Island: July 8th/9th Recap

We are celebrating one of our master traders quitting his job here on Nantucket Island. We consider our day trading community to be a family so we had to be here for that special day.  We had a great time talkin about trading, working out, and even running our live market classes for everyone in our training program.

Nantucket Island

Great picture of Nantucket Island

We have worked so hard to be able to train real live traders and include them in the training program. Now we are moving towards the next part of our master plan which will be to start trading centers around the world. We look forward to start sharing our plans and our traders that we have begun to train for our centers around the world.

We also are hosting an FAQ with all of our master traders. We will be meeting with various graduate master traders (traders that have graduated from the training program and are now making a living trading their own accounts) around the world for their special days. If there are any questions that you have leave them in a comment below, send us an email, or head over to our Facebook Page and leave a comment there.

Stay profitable my friends!

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