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This Is How Our Day Traders Begin Their Days In Guam

Sunrise in Guam

The terrific sunrise in Guam

Do you remember that trader that recently won a 100% all expenses paid trip to Jordan?  He has already taken the spirit of starting to learn day trading & traveling and starts his day with the incredible view above.  Since Guam is roughly 14 hours ahead of the 9.30 am EST market opening time this is actually the sunrise.  The infinity pool overlooking the ocean provides a great reflection of the sunrise.  The only downside to seeing this every morning is the fact that the markets open at 11.30 pm. Luckily, most of our traders  finish trading in an hour or two a day.  While reading this we will be headed to the Calgary, Canada in order to experience the unique Calgary Stampede with another one of our Graduate Master Traders.

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