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Our day trading blog is designed to talk about all of our day trading endeavors all around the world. We show results from our recent

Nepal Communist Parties Cinch An Electoral Win Under New Constitution

Nepal Communist Parties Cinch An Electoral Win Under New Constitution

The legislative elections that were held in Nepal on November 26th and December 07th was a landslide victory for a far leftist alliance, under the new constitution. It has been 3 weeks since the UML (Unified Maoist-Leninist) and the Maoist Centre together, ensured a communist led government for 2018. The more centrist and liberal Nepali […]

Interview with First Female Master Trader – Lana

It is a pleasure for me to introduce our very first female Master Trader Lana to the DTA team. We have been looking for the first female Master Trader for quite a long time and now we have finally found her! Enjoy the video and if you have any issues you can click here to […]

Marcello Arrambide calls election perfectly – Analysis

If you missed the video by Marcello Arrambide, our founder, before the election. Have a look at the analysis here. Look forward to sharing our post analysis and how it will affect the markets. It doesn’t matter what you believe in or who you voted for.  What is important now is how it will affect […]

Brexit Trade – $1225 in Profits & Brexit Repurcussions

This Brexit trade beautifully signifies what day trading can do. Everyone always get’s so nervous when there is a little uncertainty. Most people don’t like uncertainty. Its built in our psychological makeup roaming around for food however many thousands or millions of years ago. Imagine the moment when you could go grow your own food […]

Best Laptops for Traders & $20,431 In Profits Today

Best Laptops For Traders

Most people think that the best laptops for traders are top of the line machines that need to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.  The reality is that most laptops have sufficient specs in order to day trade any market around the world. We don’t need a $5,000 Laptop  in order to day trade. We also […]