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Graduate Master Trader June 5th Recap: Deuce .75 pts

We continue to review and share trades from our graduate master traders:

Hi guys. This morning the market wasn’t respecting our areas so I had to be patient. The first trade to the downside didn’t work then the market kept swinging up and down.

The key sometimes is to wait for the most compelling opportunities and not rush into the market. After news we had a beautiful run to the upside which failed. There was a strong run to the downside, but I didn’t get filled.

Deuce 0605

Now emotions come into play, but the key is to stay calm and have confidence in your skills. Eventually I had two small winning trades to the upside and decided to call it a day after a winning trade to the downside.

To tell you the truth, I should have held the last trade for two points, but after the price failed to pop, I just wanted to put some money in the bank.

Deuce 06052

We will have days where we don’t make a lot of points, but remember the key is to beat the market. Every day is a learning experience. As a new trader, I embrace the challenge of trying to beat the market day in and out. Total of 3 ticks today. Now off to work.

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