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The Day Trading Academy Reviews below are all genuine and written by students, graduates, and members that have been through the training program. The Day Trading Academy is a structured training program where we teach you how to read price action and apply context to different market environments.

We also don’t stop at just teaching you. We now offer funded traded accounts with our sister company,, once you prove the ability to make consistent profits with a virtual account, we will offer you a funded account and give you a profit split.

Note – These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients.  The testimonials is no guarantee of future performance or success.





Editors Note: James has risen the ranks to become one of our Graduate Master Traders.  He went live during one of the hardest times of the year to trade, December 2012, and the last few weeks of December at that.







What was impressive about James is that he was still able to make money even in one of the lowest volume times of the year.  He began with our beginner HTS management system and started to incorporate more pro trades into his repertoire.  Throughout the first half of the year he has added more and more advanced and pro principles which have allowed him to be more effective and efficient at his own trading.  At the time of this editors note James has now begun to practice even more pro trades that we are beginning to share in our new invitation only pro traders room.

Note – The testimonials below may not be representative of the experience of other clients.  The testimonials below is no guarantee of future performance or success.

“DTA teaches you about market psychology and the mechanics on how to anticipate movement.”

The DTA system was built around price movement, not on indicators. Indicators are lagging behind, they tell you the past not the future. This is what’s great about the DTA system, it teaches you how to read the price action, instead of covering your screen with colorful garbage.

You will get frustrated, you will get upset, you will be happy, but you will keep pushing to master the art of building intuition in the market. There is no easy way, if it was easy everybody will make money. You will definitely learn about your own personality since the way you trade is a reflection of your character traits. You will understand that patience & discipline are the 2 most important things to become successful. Greed & fear will destroy you on the long run. You will slowly begin to pinpoint your mistakes, learn from them, and improve yourself. It will take time, but I’m confident this academy was built to help you in your journey. Marcello is passionate about teaching and helping you.

This is what DTA teaches you, how to feel the market and ride the waves, how to be patient & wait for the right opportunity.

DTA teaches you about market psychology and the mechanics on how to anticipate movement. It’s a game of probabilities and expectations. You need to be able to process this information quickly and act accordingly to give yourself that necessary edge to succeed. It’s a combination of speed, understanding the flow of movement and calculating the best possible outcome.

You will enjoy the way Marcello runs this academy but you need to have the right mental attitude. If you’re looking for a black box system that will give you instant gratification, this is not for you. And anything that promises you rainbow colored magic systems is BS and will fail eventually. Learn the mechanics of how the market functions and nobody can take that away from you. That’s what Marcello teaches you. I have developed systems in the past, just to see them rise to fame and collapse over time. I was always afraid of discretionary trading due to a lack of emotional stability when I trade, I thought machines can help compensate for that by removing emotions out of the equation, but they have trouble adjusting themselves to constantly changing market dynamics. Understanding the flow of movement is everything!

Trading is a skill, and you can learn to build the necessary skills, you’re not born with it. Some people may learn quicker than others, but at the end of the day, you will develop your own style of trading in conjunction with the dta system that will suit your personality best. You cannot change who you are, but you can improve your deficiencies and maximize your strengths.

I highly recommend the DTA Academy, it is a fantastic community of people that help and learn from each other. They keep improving the curriculum and bring new innovations and back-tested ideas to the table. They learn, and contribute back to the community, this is why you have some members running classes sometimes instead of Marcello himself.



“Decided To Hit The RESET Button On Life !!!”

Last year my wife and I decided to hit the reset button on life. We sold everything we owned, and purchased a travel trailer and set out on a year long road trip across the U.S. I quit my job with plans of doing some soul searching and starting a new career path. Eight plus months into the trip, I still had no idea of what my new career would be, but I knew that I was going to do anything possible to avoid going back to the 9-5 grind. I had been thinking about trading for some time, but could never figure out exactly how to get started. That’s when I found The Day Trading Academy.

The approach is to help you develop your own style of trading that fits your personality. Marcello and the Day Trading Academy give you individual support and advice on each individual trade that you may or may not have taken.


“the Futures Market is a Dynamic entity that’s constantly changing”

I started up with Marcello and The Day Trading Academy (DTA) back in December 2011. Up until that point in time I had known friends and had also periodically run into people over the years who were either Day Traders or Position Traders. Although most of them seemed to achieve some degree of financial success, the “how” part of their Trading business always remained a complete mystery to me, and I would have surely grouped all these people into a category I call “sophisticated gamblers”. If you were to ask me what I thought about “Day Trading” as a profession, my immediate response would have been ” it’s way too Risky “.

Then one day I ran into some posts that Marcello had on another Travel blog, and followed up by checking out his WanderingTrader (a very inspiring travel website) and DTA websites. After seeing some of his videos and carefully considering his program I decided to take the plunge with Marcello and the DTA. Looking back I can honestly say that I couldn’t have made a better decision ! One of the most important things I’ve come to realize over the past few months of studying under the DTA program is that trying to Trade the Futures Market by employing a Rigid set of Rules and Indicators is like trying to cram a square peg into a round hole . . . .it just doesn’t work too well. This is especially true since the Futures Market is a Dynamic entity that’s constantly changing, and thereby requires constant reassessment and adjustment on the part of the Trader. The subtle market conditions and nuances that resulted in great trading yesterday may not be present at all in today’s market, or they might have changed very slightly, . . .enough to cause havoc with an inflexible rules based trading system.  Marcello’s an excellent instructor/communicator and has a way with words that get’s the point across very effectively.

Lastly, and very importantly for me, you come away with the sense that it’s not about the money at all, and that he really cares about helping other people and truly wants them to succeed.


“The hard part is reading the market”

Marcello teaches how to read the market and not indicators. This is exactly what I had been looking for. If you can read the market and what it is trying to do then you can trade in any market and will not be a slave to an indicator(s). Several years ago I ran with a live trading room but they only taught how to trade using their “customized” indicators using divergence. They also had a high turnover rate of instructors so it makes you wonder if their instructors were actually trading their system and were not just some hired mercenaries. Anyways, back on topic………… TDTA’s trading principles are very easy to understand. It did not take me long to pickup what to look for in a trade. The hard part is reading the market and knowing when to apply the trades based upon what the market is doing. To me this is the most valuable part, being able to read the market. The market is constantly changing so if you have to keep examining and trying to read what it is trying to do so you can make the appropriate trades.

It is a lot of work to be profitable day trading but I love it. I have been studying and trading in Sim for over 3 months now and I am just now starting to break even and have weekly profits (In Sim). I highly recommend TDTA . I had already busted one day trading account before I joined TDTA. I am not going live again until I know I am ready. I have spent over $15,000.00 between busted accounts and trading rooms before joining TDTA. The cost for TDTA when I joined was far less than the other trading room I had been a part of previously.

I promised myself that if I bust another account day trading then I am done for good. Fortunately I feel that I have found a mentor who has given me the tools I need to  day trade. The work is up to me.

” He quickly responds to any questions “

Its  founder, Marcello, is an excellent coach who has given a full and clear online presentation of the way he reads the markets. Being price action based alone already gives the course more credibility. Marcello combines the price action along with specific liquid market times to trade the e-mini S&P.  I am presently using what I’ve learned to trade the 6E(EUR/USD) with a high reward to risk ratio, another key element that flows from Marcello’s way of looking at the market. He quickly responds to any questions and analysis of trades. Combine this with regular live trading webinars and you’ve got an excellent venue for learning. He also has a strong understanding of the long run fundamentals which will influence trading in the future.


“I’ve been going thru the material at my own pace”

I began with the day trading academy in July 2012 so far all I have is positives about the program. I’ve been going thru the material at my own pace and everything is really well laid out. Some of the material may be difficult to understand at first for a person with zero trading experience but after you repeat the lessons a couple of times things begin to click. I would have to say that Marcello which is the creator of this course goes out of his way to help you succeed whenever you hit a roadblock.  It’s truly amazing what Marcello has done with his life and how willing and passionate he is to help a complete stranger succeed in his program. Marcello knows his stuff and he teaches you how to understand how the market moves and reacts and not just rely on indicators to base all your decisions on trading. So far I’m still working on the curriculum and learning so much that builds your confidence when you get ready to do your first trade. I would have to say the thing I admire so much about Marcello Is that he hasn’t forgotten were he came from as a trader by losing lots of money and he takes passion in teaching his students the right way to trade and not just spend all your time relying on indicators. One awesome thing about the day trading academy is that he is always taking suggestions from his students on how to improve the curriculum to make it better he takes a lot of pride in keeping the program student friendly. The last I heard he was planning to divide the program into 3 or 4 stages which takes you from a beginner someone like me and you build on it over time and the last step would be a pro trader I think that I idea is awesome. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that is willing to put the time and effort into really learning the stuff I’m a slow learner so it may take me longer than other people the key is put the time in learn it at your own pace don’t give and you’ll see over time things start clicking and you start building the confidence.


“you will learn how the “fish” moves, how it behaves “

I joined The Day Trading Academy in May 2012. I started by reading and learning the curriculum in a self-study method and joined the live classes after a couple weeks when I finished the curriculum. In the first few lessons I was amazed by the energy of Marcello, the way he enjoys trading, to help other people to learn and to not have to make the mistakes he made at his beginning and particularly don’t have to blown a few accounts. Marcello also amazed me by the knowledge he had on the market and how the price moves. At a point it seemed the Live Market we were seeing was a replay and he had studied in the night before.

Well Marcello did study the markets not the night before but for the last decade at least and he will teach you what he knows. The biggest advantage of this training is that you will learn how to fish, particularly you will learn how the “fish” moves, how it behaves and how you should act in order to take fish home every day. You will learn how to use your fishing rod and reel and you will be invited to develop your way to fish (to trade).

You cannot trade as someone else because you are not someone else. You have to be comfortable with the way you trade and adapt that to market conditions.

If I have to summarize my opinion of The Day Trading Academy I will say:

1) I’m learning how the market behaves and when to take trades and when not to take trades.

2) Although some indicators are used they are not proprietary and you will learn to read price action and take action based on price action. That’s one of the most important things of this training.

3) The method is simple but takes time and discipline.

4) Marcello is an honest guy and he is really excited to help you learn how to trade. He will mentoring you and watch your charts and tell you how you could improve.

Thank you.


“helpful to hear Marcello’s thoughts”

I have learned so much with The Day Trading Academy. In the past I had only traded stocks – never Futures. But this very clear curriculum teaches you if you are a beginner or experienced. There are no blind indicators to follow. You are taught how to read the market and to understand how the market works.

That best part of the program for me is the live classes. Marcello and other students of the DTA teach live classes that are not only fun but very educational. It is extremely helpful to hear Marcello’s thoughts during this live trading session and ask questions when the actual market is trading. After hours, Marcello and Lindsay are always very quick to answer e-mails and questions. The level of customer service is outstanding.

Marcello is very honest, positive, and fun. I truly enjoy working with the DTA and am very thankful to have learned so much from them.


“one has to practice, practice and practice”

A little over 4 months ago, I was scouring around looking for a day-trading course. And just by chance, found it here at investmonials. I have been mainly a option trader and though that venture has been okay, it yielded small profits. I had been hesitant joining because it is a rather large expenditure for me at least, but after reviewing and talking to marcello(The Bad-Ass trade guru), I decided to take the plunge. And boy did I learn a lot of new stuff.

The course itself is mainly text and some videos. Once u grasp the concept, one has to practice, practice and practice till it becomes second-nature. I have been practicing for a month and so far so good. Basically u learn, practice and send him your trading charts for him to critique and he will point out where u went wrong and where u need to improve on.

Be prepare to put in 100% effort or you will not reap the full benefit of this course. This is a life-time skill so one should approach it as such. This means a lot of hands-on learning rather than a hand-holding method of learning. This is a sign of a good mentor in my opinion.

Only knock against him, is that he can really only be contacted via email rather than phone. But that is to be expected from a world-traveler.


“Adjusting into the new world of electronic day trading was no easy task”

I have been in this industry for over 20 years now and as an industry veteran I wanted to provide feedback on the Day Trading Academy. Ever since I started looking into joining the Day Trading Academy there was something different that struck me about the training program that is run by Marcello. I would like to first thank this community for providing me the opportunity to see the reviews and I would also like to send a special thanks to a Mr. David Denab that left his email in this review column below. As a courtesy I will also do the same in case anyone in the day trading industry has any questions:

I am a day trading veteran that has shifted through the changes in this industry. I have been day trading for over 20 years and come from the “old school” when the pits were around and we read tape. Adjusting into the new world of electronic day trading was no easy task but I decided to do my research and take the plunge.

I would have to say that I attended roughly 10 seminars, heard endless sales pitches, and after reviewing The Day Trading Academy found that they stood for something different. The live market class that I was permitted to attend was exceptional since it was actually run by a student of the academy, which impressed me significantly.

I found it refreshing that they focused on market dynamics and understanding market structure and not actual indicators. While most electronic day traders use a myriad of indicators I find them to be additional aspects of trading that are not needed.

I did quickly pick up on the curriculum and started to sim trade within roughly 2 weeks of reviewing the curriculum. I planned on following everything by the book in order to achieve greater success. I incurred some setbacks when I began live trading but with the instruction of Marcello & the other student traders that teach at the academy I was able to improve my strengths and start to diminish my weaknesses.


“known of Marcello via his travel blog, Wandering Trader for a couple of years”

no bullshit, to the point – now for the story!
I’ve actually known of Marcello via his travel blog, Wandering Trader for a couple of years. I’ve always had a passion for trading. But it was mainly equities, ETF’s and penny stocks. Just because I loved it, didn’t mean I did it well 🙂

Funny enough, I contacted Marcello about his travel blog and one thing led to another when I broached the topic of my passion for trading.

Our actual communication with him came at a transition time in my life when i was desperate to find a good school on how to trade and invest. And when I found his day trading academy, I looked no further.

Now for the good stuff. Marcello REALLY REALLY KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. With each class, video and chapter I became more and more impressed with him and developed a lot of respect for his teachings techniques and quickness to help! He has this down to a science and art and is not afraid to share his experience and knowledge. The transparency is hard to find with other day traders who want to keep all their secrets to themselves. As far as Marcello is concerned there is enough for everyone.

I feel so lucky to have signed up for his course and feel CONFIDENT with my trading.

Thanks to Marcello, I can’t wait to get up in the morning and TRADE TRADE TRADE!!!


“you may need to change your ways of thinking”

Marcello is an amazing educator. He is passionate about helping people learn, which is a refreshing change. I’ve tried several other programs where you need to maintain an subscription, and don’t really learn the ins and outs.

Depending on your background, you may need to change your ways of thinking in order to have success with this program.

I’ve been part of the training program for 2 months now. I started during a time of remarkably low volume, and it was a tough environment to learn in. However, Marcello has been incredibly helpful in teaching the fundamentals of learning how to read the market.