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Graduate Master Trader Deuce: June 4th Recap – 2 Pts

Another recap by another one of our successful graduate master traders:

Hi guys. We had some good movement early in the market today. I took a pre market trade to the upside and after the price consolidated for a few bars, I decided to take a small profit of 3 ticks then I jumped right back in and I was able to make 2 points on another trade to the upside.

Deuce June 4th

Unfortunately, I didn’t get filled on two trades and on my last trade I took a small loss of 3 ticks. I decided to shut it down for today because I had to leave early. There has been a few opportunities in the pre market so I would advise everybody to start watching the market early.

A small profit of 2 points, but every winning day is a good day in the market.

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