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Day Trading in Venice: How Our Days Begin

Sunrise in Venice

The Day Trading Academy Blog presents one of the most gorgeous sites that we have seen while traveling through Italy.  We are currently on our graduate master trader tour.  We have been meeting many of our traders that are traveling around the world and in this case taking his entire family to Italy for the summer.  One of the great things about day trading is the absolute freedom it provides.  We like to lead by example and instead of sitting behind a desk somewhere we head overseas to explore the world.  We will be introducing all of these master traders that we have meet soon including the one we are currently traveling with in Italy!

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  1. I Marcello, I’m Lucio from Italy.
    I follow your daytrading blog and would be nice to meet you.
    I live in Brescia not so far from Venice.
    Great shot of Venice, congratulations.
    Best Regards.

    1. Hey Lucio we were only there for a few days and are now in Rome! We will be leaving Italy soon sorry we couldn’t catch up but we are planning on coming back to Italy next year so we can plan it in advance next time

  2. Wow this caption is breath taking, its now my desk top background ^__^
    I love Italy and I must adventure there sometime, and I wish you best of luck with your travels..


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