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August 6th Live Class Recap & Strong Momentum Lesson

We  haven’t done one of these recaps in quite a long time so we decided to recap our live class that we had on Tuesday. It held some important lessons on being able understand strong overall momentum.

Marcello Arrambide

Marcello Arrambide’s mobile office 🙂

Happy to report here on the day trading academy blog that we have just returned from our graduate master trader tour. We got together with a handful of our students that have quit their jobs and turned into WanderingTraders!  Our CEO, Marcello Arrambide, the first WanderingTrader would be proud!

Since we are reported directly from the Miami international airport we will do a full write up after we get settled in Colombia.  Our plans of opening our first day trading center in Medellin are starting very shortly as we are arriving into the city this evening!

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