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This Is What We Have Been Up To Day Trading In Jordan

Day trading in Jordan and around the world is one thing.  Day trading & traveling is a whole different picture.  We have been in Jordan for a few days now and have been able to see, eat, and experience incredible things. We are going to be headed to the lowest point on Earth tomorrow (again).

The dying Dead Sea is on the border of Israel & Jordan (or as others dispute Palestine) and is the saltiest body of water on Earth.  The winner of the contest also arrives tomorrow evening and we will being the one on one training once he gets settled.

Below you will see one of the first images witnessed upon our arrival in Jordan.

Sunset in Jordan

Incredible sunset on the first day I was in Amman, Jordan

Something else one may not expect is one of the most preserved cities outside of Italy.  The ancient city of Jerash is located roughly an hour away from the capital city of Amman.  The surprising aspect of the city is that roughly only 40%-50% of the complex has been excavated (our estimates).

The city that one sees in the background is where the Roman citizens used to live.  This is not included in that same analysis.  Just imagine the treasures to be found once they start exploring the region in the background as well.

Oval Plaza Jerash

The oval plaza at the ancient Roman city of Jerash

The weather would no cooperate with us until a ray of sun shine peaked through the clouds.  The blue sky would come and go faster than Oprah’s weight.  This is one of the best pictures we were able to capture in the ancient city of Jerash.

Jerash Jordan

The ancient city of Jerash, Jordan.

Our first sand storm!  This is the day when Obama was delayed in Israel and traveled to the Amman.  He arrived in the sand storm that one may see pictured below.  The picture was taken from the same location on a clear day on the right. Extremely powerful winds!

Sand Storm

Sand storm in the capital city of Amman, Jordan

The Amman Citadel is pictured below. A complex that sits at the center of the Amman that splits the city into North, South, East, & West.  The history on what can be described as a hill contains thousands of years of history.  One of the oldest cities in the world can be found in current day Jordan.

Amman Citadel

The Amman Citadel located in the heart of the city

The locals played bag pipes which are very well known from Scotland.  The Oxford History of Music claims that the origins may have been from the Middle East thousands of years ago.  My current tour guide states that the origins are also from the Middle East as well.  Locals are always a case of awesome.

Roman Theater in Jerash Jordan

Roman theater in Jerash Jordan with locals playing music

That ladies and gentlemen is a photographic recap of our stay in Jordan over the last the four days. The internet has been great and our schedule for the next 6-7 days will be nothing short of incredible.  You can read more about our adventures and our stay in Jordan via the day trading & travelling blog that Marcello Arrambide runs at

One of the great things is that we have a member of the LTD Project that is the second WanderingTrader (that we know of) formally called the Trading Voyageur.  Many of our students that graduate from the training program are making money and also traveling around the world.

One upcoming trip that we are excited to hear about is the WanderingTrader family! A trader is taking his entire family to Sicily this summer.  We definitely are going to try to crash the party!  We also plan on updating the market recaps from last week once we stop eating falafels and hummus!

Stay profitable my friends.

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  1. Wow! I hope I can get back into day trading and make my money back plus some. Looks like you had a great time, I look forward to when I can leave the U.S for the first time.

  2. WOW! a blast to the past lol I can’t wait to go back to travel and making some real money ! Wandering trader will suit me fine anywhere on the planet with new wife and kids running around having fun, party hard there and drink some for me too !!!! praise Yahweh ! WOW !

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