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SNEAK PEAK: New Trade From Live Class Today: $10,000 on one trade

This is some live trading that we did today with all of our students in the training program.  We shared our trades with everyone in the live market analysis class that is run by one of our graduate master traders (students that have been through the program and are making money with their own accounts live)

Early entry on the trades had to take some heat. This is a new pro trade that we are working on….

0409 trade 1

Finally the market pops and we are looking for a possible exit

0409 trade 2

Best to exit while you are up and not get greedy on a trade…

0409 trade 3


  1. A wise man once told me not to trade against the momentum…. These types of trades eventually end up hurting your account in my opinion, I’m glad this one worked out….

    1. A wise man also said to take trades that are always back tested and will win more than they lose. This is one of the new pro trades my man

  2. I’ve been taking these type of trades a long time and agree with the premise in general but this particular trade? It looks too early. I’d wait for the price to be outside of the keltner by a good margin to get long, but that’s my back testing results. I don’t pretend to know what the other variables were for you here.
    About the exit, taking 2 pts. isn’t a bad rule in general but this trade? You’ve already proven you caught a reversal, now it bounced off an upterned mb. You’ve been patient this long, maybe the low was in. Thank you.

    1. This isn’t the same trade that you are thinking of Rex, this is a completely new pro trade that we developed.

    1. Paolo everyone can learn the new pro trades once they are consistent and making money. We keep the pros room restricted to all the traders that are consistently making money live. We talk about some really advanced concepts which is why its restricted to only those traders that are making money consistently live.

  3. Did you take profits and sell half (or some) as the price went up or did you hold the full 100 (*gulp*) all the way to 1558.5???!

    1. All in all out Zero… look at the last chart on the bottom and you will see the entry and exit points

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