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Aug 7th Live Class Recap: 4-13 Points Available

Phew! What a great day to come back to the markets.  I was busy exploring the interior of Brazil over the weekend and had the opportunity to stay the weekend at a favela.

Fa-ve-la: A shantytown or slum, especially in Brazil

Aside what you are thinking, when I day trade & travel I prefer to explore these neighborhoods instead of staying at 5 star resorts because this is where you find the real people in a country, real personality.

Governador Valadares

The city of Governador Valadares

When I travel it is more than just tourist attractions and seeing things.  It’s about meeting interesting people that are beyond fascinating.  Another unique aspect about getting to know people from different backgrounds is the things that you can learn.  With Brazil being one of the countries where I want to open a day trading center, what better person to get information from than people on the ground with first hand experience?

It is similar to asking the CEO of a car company how to make a transmission better. How would he actually know that?  It would be much better to ask the person actually working on the transmissions.

When I first asked if the city was safe I was told that the city is extremely safe aside from a few gun shots here and there, I was so glad he reassured me with just a few gun shots here and there.

Imagine if they were actually frequent?

The city of Governador Valadares would actually be dangerous if the were frequent.

Today was the perfect day to get back into things considering the type of movement that the market gave us.  Most of the traders using the Congressive Trading System finished within the 1st hour of the market and we even finished our class early because it was such an easy day for us.

The volume was low so we started our review class and I taught everyone how to change the order filled sound on NinjaTrader to a cash register Ka-Ching sound.  Pretty Funny.  Most of the emini traders that were in class today did very well, everyone from beginners to more experienced traders did excellent today.  Here are some student charts:

Chart 2: 1.75 pts (90 minutes of trading)

Chart 3: 3 Points (1 hour of trading)

Chart 4: 4.75 Points (30 minutes of trading)

Chart 5: 5.75 Points (1 hour of trading)

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  1. Marcello, cuando viajas a India? También quería preguntarte cuántos días al mes transas eminis.


    1. Jorge… me voy a India en los finales de Noviembre… yo manejo mis cuentas quiero decir adrento de 5-10 dias al mes. Ahora que manejo por 20-75 contratos por cada orden no necesito manejar muchos los dias

  2. Hello Marcello,

    What happened with Medellín?? I don’t see it listed on the new logo. No TDA in Colombia??


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