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July 31st Live Class Recap: 4 to 14 Points Available

July 31st was not the kind of beautiful day that we had on July 30, but it was certainly a day where you could have made money in the markets.  Ahead of all things including indicators, day trading gurus, and even breakfast doughnuts, being able to identify momentum is one of the most important things that any day trader can understand.

July 31st was a very unique day in that we started off with overall momentum down and that turned into a sideways market.  Quickly after that, the market decided to fake the move to the downside only to keep going sideways and then fake another move to the upside.

I hope you’re following me because even I am getting dizzy

It was a unique day to trade eminis and I’m glad that I was able to have a live market class during July 31 in order to share how to identify this kind of market and also trade into it. Just because we had a four point range does not necessarily mean that you have to lose money or not make money at all.

If we I able to identify the momentum and also realize that the expected market outcome is not what it should be then we are able to avoid bad situations and get into good situations, like breakfast doughnuts.

You know you like them don’t kid yourself, what you can losing weight here in Brazil?

This is what the MIND Congressive Trading System is all about, being able to identify these market movements and being able to adapt to them. A trader who was able to read the market should be able to make money every single day. That doesn’t mean that we are never going to have losing days, I have gladly shared some of mine with everyone, but it does keep them to a minimum.

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