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Did You Trading Survive The Record Low Volume The Last 3 Weeks?

Im back from my trip exploring the entire coast of northern and central Brazil and immediately started looking at the market in a different way.  I always look back at the market activity and was obviously bored with the slow market activity the last few weeks.

Boy was I in for a suprise

The volume that we have had for about the past three weeks has been some of the lowest volume since the years 2006 & 2007.  Say what?  We had a full live market class this morning and even though we did well, we talked about how if you aren’t able to adapt to the market conditions then you aren’t able to do well in these new conditions.

The low volume isn’t a surprise considering that the fat cats on Wall Street and cronies at CNBC take vacations during this part of the year, I was really surprised to see how low the volume actually was though.

What I decided to do was pull the beginner results to see if they were any different than the rest of the year because if there is low volume we obviously have to make less money right?  That was my assumption and I was wrong.


What is unusual that even though there is less volume and less movement the beginner results have actually been on par and actually better than 4 out of 6 months this year.

If you are a trader and you aren’t seeing results or you have been bored with the markets activity there are a few things that you can do.

  • As soon as you are up for the day call it quits
  • Keep trading and stay disciplined
  • Tour the Brazilian coast & day trading anyway

I opted for the third option.

I am really excited about the rest of this week’s training as I am hosting new student hot seat sessions.  One of the things that I find the most important thing about trading & learning is actually listening and learning from different people.

I have two student traders that are going to be running the classes tomorrow and Wednesday.

Low Volume isn’t stopping us.

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