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Graduate Master Trader 20 Point Day – Up to Date May Verifiable Results

Our graduate master trader Superman is by far one of the best traders that I have ever seen.  Just last Thursday he sent me an email saying that we had the best day of the year on Thursday. As we discussed in the post “Anatomy of a 30+ Points Day” today saw the highest volume since October of 2011.  Absolutely incredible day (and one of the best in the last few years) and Superman definitely didn’t disappoint.

We were in our live market analysis class this morning for everyone in our training program and we mentioned to Superman that he should already be up by about 10 points.  The joke was on us when he actually ended up with nearly 20.

We have an inside joke to always have him “move the market” for us when the market is moving slow.  He ended up finishing early for the day since after we ended our live class with nearly 20 points.  With the market movement being so incredible lately this is definitely the best time to get started trading.

Great trading my man you always inspire all of us!

Another thing that Superman has been doing on his own is testing a new dynamic stop system that we may will be using.  He has gone back and tested our unique HTS Management System throughout the year in order to make it better.  This is one of the things that I love about all of our traders especially our graduate master traders.

They do things to make us all better. It’s not about trying to make more money in the market or stealing this idea or that idea.  We freely share all of our concepts and tested principles to everyone that is willing to put the work in.

Our new semi-restricted Intermediate Room and invitation only Pro Traders Room were designed to have our best minds working on the absolute best concepts.  This is the reason why we have been able to stand the tests of time. When everyone says to stop trading the Emini S&P 500 because of low volume we pay attention to the right things.

If we don’t learn how to read the market and stay out of bad situations then we can’t be consistent.  Everyone can make money on days like today where the market is trending beautifully.  We challenge our traders to make money in low volume markets. We challenge our traders to build discipline. We make sure our traders focus on staying consistent because at the end of the day, that is what is going to bring what we all what…. Freedom.

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    1. Hi Jame… This trader has been trained my for a few years now. He is one of our master traders that helps us to develop new strategies and also runs some of our pro classes.

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