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Winner of the $10,000 Training Program

It has been two weeks into this and I would like to thank everyone that entered the contest kindly for keeping me busy.  Everyone did just as I asked which disappointed me a bit to be honest.  I thought that since I show my personality via The Day Trading Academy and I wanted to see the personality of others as well.

I was looking for someone to be different, to stand out, to show me their real personality. I know that everyone that e-mailed me does want this but there was no one that I can really pick out out of the crowd. That is not to say that the person that I chose isn’t worth it or won’t make it, but I don’t like to run the Day Trading Academy like every other day trading company out there, boring.

With that said, the winner is… Josh Thompson

I chose Josh because he is in the military and I think that the discipline that he has will take him very far, especially using my day trading strategy.  He already started in the markets which is one of the things that I really like, he put his money where his mouth is and he tried to do it on his own. That to me says a lot about someone’s personality and his drive.

Josh seemed very genuine and I think that he can learn how to day trade and really apply my techniques in the market. I like his values and most of all, I like the fact that he has traveled around the world and wants to keep doing it as well and share that with others.

I have not shared this with Josh, I figured it would be better for him to get surprised by the post

So Josh, holla at your boy!


  1. Hi Marcello, I am very suprised and excited! I opened my RSS reader this morning and this was the top post. I begrudingly opened it to see who won this thing that I wanted so bad… and was totally shocked to see my picture there. This is awesome and I’m really looking forward to getting started!

  2. Congrats Josh,

    make the most of it man, its a rare opportunity to get free education that actually works, approach the material like your studying to get an MBA or Law degree, you should succeed. Failure only happens by not putting in the time

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