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A Sneak Peak Into the LTD Project: Brazil

day trading in brazil

It all started in Medellin, Colombia, the city I often call home in the western hemisphere.  A few months later Brice and I are starting a new project in Medellin called the Day Trading Proyecto.  The LTD Project Brazil grew out of the passion for day trading and Brice and I are here working hard and partying hard in order to open a new Day Trading Center in Colombia.  (Thinking out loud here) One possible idea that we came up with was to meet up in Ethiopia & India after Brazil to finalize a few more plans and make it a contest as to who could get the day trading up and running first.  I would run the India center and Brice would run the Colombia center.  I am still in Brazil looking for opportunities for day trading and may need to head to the financial capital of the country, Sao Paolo, in order to really dive into the financial markets.  Click here to see my day trading office in Brazil.

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