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April 27th Recap: 11.75 points in 30 minutes

It has been a while hasn’t it?  We have a fantastic penthouse apartment overlooking the entire city here in Rio and we have been working diligently on what we now call the Day Trading Proyecto.  That is going to be the name of the day trading center in Colombia, Brice and I (will formally introduce Brice soon) are probably a year or more away from actually having a solid plan but I am very excited about the concept.

We haven’t explored much of the city as we have been working on several things including our travel blogs (check out my blog at  It doesn’t help when the city is hosts roughly 18 million people and we have been busy with things like Copacabana Beach.

I was caught red handed if you notice the man on the right, he did give me two thumbs afterwards, apparently my technique was superb.

Due to a slew of internet problems I have had to rent an office in one of my favorite areas of Rio called Botafogo, after years of rush hour traffic including getting the coffee filter stuck in the coffee machine and choosing cooking a  nutritious breakfast of high sugar low carb cereals, I actually have to commute to work.

My life sucks.

That was the first thought that crossed my mind when it took me 1.5 hours to get to the office.  The apartment that we rented is incredible but it is also incredibly out of the way. In order to get to the office I have to walk to a corner roughly 10 minutes away, take a local transport bus to the metro (properly pronounced Metroooooo in Portuguese and not Metro), followed by three subway stops, and finally arriving at my destination after a brief five block walk.  I did mention I have to check in and get a visitor’s badge every time I walk in the building didn’t I?

day trading in brazil

Chillin in the "business lounge"

There is an adjustment and the only reason that I have to go to this office is to run the live trading classes for the training program. I feel that I have a responsibility to run the live classes and provide the support to everyone that I agreed to train roughly 7 months ago when I was living in Ethiopia.  I refuse to let anyone run a class that doesn’t trade their own accounts live.

There are too many day trading companies out there that have administrative assistants run live trading rooms when they can’t even trade themselves, unacceptable in my book.  How boring would living the life be if I could share that with everyone else? I’m happy to do it for everyone in the training program since I have a great group of guys, they are the ones that convinced me to start training again.

I stopped today after 30 minutes with close to 7 points and left anywhere between 4-8 points on the table.  There are many different types of traders out there and I am the kind of person that doesn’t need to make a certain amount of points everyday.  I shared this with everyone in our live classes this week that when you start trading upwards of 20-50 contracts it doesn’t matter when you make 1 tick profit or 10 points profit.

You can make a pretty good living when you just win everyday

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen: You’re witnessing the EIGHTH Wonder of the World! I have GOT to get me one of those! ….An office like that I mean. 🙂

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