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Meet The Trader We Call SUPERMAN: Trades All Day & Made 23.50 Pts Yesterday

We would like to formally introduce the one, the only, Superman. Or more specifically the graduate master trader we named Superman. Mr. Bas Ass himself achieves the feat that no other traders accomplish; trading all day and loving every minute of it.

We talk a lot about freedom and being able to live the lifestyle that you want to live through day trading.

Superman lives life through trading and is the exemplary example of what every trader should do. At 64 years young he proves that age does not defy day trading, nor does day trading defy age. We are still trying to convince him to go paragliding with us in Rio de Janeiro. Sadly, he only obliges when we ask him to move the market for us once the rest of us lowly traders needs a target filled.

We always like to allow everyone to trade the way they feel comfortable. Superman has developed his own unique way of trading over the years. The reason why he is so successful is because he is diligent, disciplined, and never budges when it comes to breaking the rules.

Apparently he has a rule not to go paragliding with us in Rio de Janeiro, who figured?

We have personally seen him progress from a person that hardly knew anything about day trading to becoming one of the best traders we have ever seen.

He reviews his charts on a consistent basis and always provides excellent feedback helping to both develop new Pro Trades in addition to improving the training program.

One of the things that we love about our trading community is how all of our successful master traders decide to give back. They run live classes for us, not only give a different view of the market, but also help their own trading. Teaching actually raises one’s self of awareness and it is no different with day trading.

Look forward to sharing more in his charts in the future. For now we will let the charts speak for themselves.

(They are massive charts click to maximize)

AM Chart:

SuperMan 0523 - AM

PM Chart:

SuperMan 0524 PM

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  1. Wow. This chart is amazing. I remember seeing another chart where he made 32 points.
    Superman you are an inspiration to us daytraders. It would great to see more charts like these.
    Good stuff!

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