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Our Site May Be Temporarily Unavailable This Evening… Pardon Us We Are Bringing You More Awesome

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The rumors are true! We are about to bring you a lot more awesomeness.  Our website may be temporarily down this evening/tomorrow morning for roughly 5/6 hours while we get our new website & membership area up for everyone in the mentoring program.

We have had quite a challenge keeping up with all of our successful graduate master traders that have been coming online recently. We now are expanding our curriculum in order to continue to improve our training in addition to making our graduate students even better.

We launched our pro section last year and began to discuss and share rules for some of the newer pro trades that are based on high momentum principles in addition to our legacy trades.  With the market changing it’s behavior so quickly we always want to make sure that we always adapt to what the market giving us.

This is the concept of staying “Congressive”where we are conservative when the market is not moving well and we are aggressive when the market is moving well.

We are looking forward to sharing all the updates in addition to sharing our future plans to open our first day trading centers around the world.

Stay profitable my friends…..

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