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20 Pts Three Days In A Row: Superman’s Market Domination Continues

Three 20 point days in a row.

Let’s allow that sink in for a second.

Just to put into perspective how much a trader can gross making 20 points here is a small chart:

20 contracts

Of course, Superman is a very advanced trader so we shouldn’t assume that we are going to make these kinds of results every day.  Maybe just 3 days in a row.  We were actually joking around earlier that he is slacking because he didn’t make the 20 points before 1pm like he did yesterday.

What is important to note about his performance today is the fact that most of his gains come from our legacy trades.  Our legacy trades are the trade setups that members of our mentoring program receive and master before continuing to the intermediate, advanced, and pro areas.  It always begins and ends with our legacy trades. For today’s activity roughly 75% of his profit was obtained via our legacy trades.

It is a good thing Superman is going to share the details of some of his pro traders at the upcoming seminar.  He is also going to share some other developments of when not to take a trade.  One of the most important things of being able to learn how to trade isn’t just taking a trade but also knowing when not to take a trade.

When to stay out of the market.

One of the best positions a trader can take is sitting on his hands.

There are always going to be good moving days in the market in addition to days that do not move as well.  We have recently seen an elevated level of volume and volatility thanks to the conflicts in Ukraine, Thailand, Argentina, and Turkey (among others). The instability in the Euro Zone has also been a cause for concern.  Although the monthly volume  for January is set to finish at a record low that we haven’t seen since May 2007 the movement in the last few days has been unprecedented.

Benefiting from the uncertainty is the dollar which has been appreciating against many currencies around the world. We are reaping the advantages of this market dynamic since we have already begun to expand our day trading center in Colombia.

The US Dollar just reached multi-year highs of 2000 Colombian Pesos to 1 Dollar.

We are also keeping close tabs on the Brazilian Real. We have tentative plans on opening our next day trading center in Brazil. With the dollar surging against the Brazilian currency we plan on investing in a small beach town in Southern Brazil. Picture an open beach house with the cool breeze of the popular Brazilian beaches coming in through your room.

All of this of course while we are teaching you how to be financially independent through day trading.

Lack of confidence in the global economy is causing demand for what the general public thinks is secure, the US Dollar. Little do they know that the United States is in extremely bad shape, relative or worse to Europe.

All of this is creating a whirlwind of opportunities for those of us that day trade.

The beauty about day trading is that we take advantage of the fluctuations in the market.  This means that no matter if the market goes up or down, sideways, or even seems like we are on the verge of a global crisis, we will be able to make money. These are the kinds of markets we thrive in.

It is sad to say but we actually make more money in times of crisis and uncertainty. We are currently thriving in it.

We trade with tick charts to allow us to extract the most opportunities out of the market.  Tick charts are measured in transactions rather than time.  The range of activity in the last few days has been exceptional.  Someone watching time based charts or candlestick charts may not be able to see the same amount of trading opportunities. With every bar measuring a set number of transactions we could see 1 million transactions in a minute or just 1,000.

The difference in opportunities however are huge. Since each bar plots a set number of transactions this allows us to see 10 times more opportunity on both high and low volume markets.  This is precisely the reason why many of our traders are able to make a living day trading with just an hour or two a day.

Here is Superman’s Jan 27th chart (click to maximize)

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