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Superman does it again: Two 20 Points Days In A Row

I received an email from the master trader we call Superman with a chart showing he made 20 points. It wasn’t surprising that he actually made 20 points by noon but the fact that he said “I’m going to take the afternoon off.”  This was surprising to me as “taking the afternoon off” are not words normally spoken by the man that loves day trading as much as he loves to fight fires.

The retired firefighter is one of the rare traders that loves to trade all day. We credit him with many of the philosophies, pro trades, and various technical analysis methods we use to day trading e-minis.

He is exceptional, not only with his trading but also at being able to come up with new ideas and back test  them relentlessly.  Just imagine having a group of traders that do that for each other. This is one of the reasons we have been able to do so well in so many different types of markets.

This is also one of the reasons we love how we have setup not only the training at The Day Trading Academy but also our in house traders as members are privy to newly developed trades and strategies.

We learn from one another.

We all learn to actually read the market to be able to adapt to the complicated ebbs and flows. In our upcoming All Star Master Trader Seminar in February we proudly  have a handful of our master traders giving presentations.  Superman is going to present the new dynamic stop strategy system he developed to go along with our HTS management system.  He is also presenting his pro trades to be able to take those attending the Master Trader Bonus day to the next level.

The traders here in our Colombian trading center also wanted to learn a bit more as they are still building their consistency in the markets.  Two of our in house traders in Colombia are going to attend our seminar in Tampa next month.

We are in the process of planning a master trader get together here in our new day trading center in Medellin.  One of our master traders is a professional hockey player in Europe and we want to make sure he can attend when he has his off season.

This would allow most of our master traders to get together in one location to exchange ideas and come up with new concepts. We also may invite other traders still in the learning process to hone their skills as well. It may be an exclusive one on one Military Training opportunity.

Our new day trading penthouse should be ready in March to be able to house upwards of 5 different families.  We even have a Superman suite 🙂

Here is Superman’s AM chart from Thurs Jan 23rd (click to enlarge);

Superman 0123

Notice the detailed stats on each chart. The numbers above the line in the green box on the right are our legacy trades in the curriculum. The numbers on the bottom are the pro trades. Some are available in our pros area for our traders and others have yet to be released.

Jan 23rd PM chart (click to enlarge):

Superman 0123PM

One of the things we typically see as the market environments change over time is that different trade setups work depending on the type of movement we have.  Notice how our legacy trades (our bread and butter) outperformed the pro trades handsomely.

This doesn’t always occur but it is a huge advantage to be able to have an arsenal of trades that work in any type of market.

Jan 24 full day chart (click to enlarge):

Superman 0124

Look forward to sharing our updates as the year has already started exceptionally for us. Tomorrow we plan on our releasing out results for the Congressive Trading Strategy to show the year end performance in 2013.

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  1. Hello,

    Saw the supermans chart. I can see some indicators are used on the chart. Initially i thought we are using only naked price action chart.

    What type of candles are you using in Ninja platform. So no candle sticks will be used ? Our broker has only Meta Trader4 platform?

    1. We use tick charts… there are many traders that use many indicators and others that don’t use any. With our experience in the industry we have seen that any trader can use any type of indicator, combine them a million different ways, and trade in a million different ways and be successful. The key is understanding the price action. That is what we teach everyone. MetaTrader and NinjaTrader both have ticks.

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