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Sept 4th Recap: 10 pts from Easter Island

Welcome to Easter Island everyone!  I have been traveling around the island for the last week continuing my day trading and traveling.  The internet on the island isn’t the best but I was able to find an internet cafe in the center of town that has internet reliable enough for trading.

It has been nothing short of amazing as I have been able to visit all of the Moai statues while traveling along the entire island.  You can drive in roughly 20 minutes from one end to the other and I was able to see the popular Moai Statues at sunset and sunrise which is something out of this world, see below:

Easter Island

Ahu Tongariki – The most popular of all the Moai Status on Easter Island

Day Trading the eminis the last week hasn’t been any different than most of the month of August.  The volume continues to be extremely low in comparison to what we have seen throughout the year.  August is known for being a low volume month considering that most of the big time traders on Wall Street all take vacations during this time of year.

Even in this kind of market, we had student traders like Lino go live and make $500 his first day of trading.  I’m always extremely excited seeing student traders do well, especially in this low volume market.  Speaks volumes for the Congressive approach to trading that we use.

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  1. Marcello,

    I have a question…in your post you mentioned that you went to a cafe that had a more reliable internet connection. Did you connect via wi-fi or do you carry a mobile broadband stick for your laptop?

    1. Normally when you go to an internet cafe they have a wired connection.. in Chile there are various mobile broadband sticks that you can get but on Easter Island there is only one carrier, Entel. So didn’t go the mobile broadband route.. instead just went to the internet cafe in the mornings and headed out during the afternoons

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