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Meet Lino: Student Trader Goes Live Makes $500 First Day

Meet the newest Bad Ass In Training (trademark pending)

I come back from a two week trip exploring the Brazilian Maldives and guys want to go crazy on me.  Enter Lino, going live on Monday and making his first $500 with the Congressive Trading System.

Wait what? We actually teach how to actually make money in the markets without focusing on indicators? Yep.

I really wanted to share this story because Lino is a conservative trader who isn’t greedy.   Traders don’t normally make $4,000 on their first day like Mahad or even 6.5 points like Paul, sometimes we get there little by little and that’s what Lino decided to do.

One of the things that I always try to make sure that my traders understand is that day trading is all about doing what you feel comfortable with.  Everyone needs mentor to let them know that they are making the right decisions but in the end of the day its not about making money, its about making right decisions.  Being able to adjust a strategy to what you feel comfortable with is vital.

If we are able to make the right decisions then we will make money everyday.

If you are trading the ES remember that you don’t have to make a billion points a day to make this a career.   An average of 2 pts a day is all you need, do that consistently and you will see your account grow in now time.  Soon you will be trading a 10 to 20 lot, email me when you do I love to hear those stories, and we will be relaxing on the Brazilian Maldives together.


  1. Great video! Thanks for the insight and background on your progress. I hope to follow the same path with the training classes. Continued success and good luck.

    1. Jorge… really depends on what kind of person you are. I wouldn’t consider that risky for Mahad especially considering the work that he put in

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