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Oct 23rd Recap w/ Students Making 4-9 Points!

What an absolutely INCREDIBLE DAY to trade the markets. This week we are going to have a student take over again and have students run the classes. We have live market classes running on Monday through Thursday, who wants to trade on Friday’s right?

I always love to have the student hot seats where students who are now proficient with the Congressive System show the way they trade the market.

I have a deep belief that everyone has a unique style within the framework.  People look at the markets differently and have different tolerance levels.

There is only one way to read the market and identify strong momentum

That is what we am to teach everyone to make sure that no matter whether you are more aggressive or conservative, you can make money in any kind of market trading those high momentum moves and pivots.

1023 Overall Market

Today was an amazing day to trade and with the momentum being so strong to the downside.  It wasn’t just about the fact that we could have made money but the actual lessons that we had with pro trades and being able to actually predict where the market is moving.

We used longer term extensions in order to identify where the market was going to end up early in the morning and the market nailed the areas that we had pegged.

Sometimes I call the market exactly and I look like a genius and other times I look like a complete fool, but it isn’t me has the magic its the market that shows the high probability patterns over and over again.

Each confluence level was reached and many of the traders were able to do quite well, even with mistakes.  If you are trading or looking for consistency always remember that when we are day trading

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