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+13 Points on March 6th: Day Trading Market Recap

All I have to say about today is WOW!  One of the biggest things that day traders take for granted is good days.  Everyone conveniently remembers the bad days but everyone forgets about the good days.

One of the most important things that we can do as day traders is keep a level mind and understand that the market is always going to level itself out.

There will be bad days, good days, great days, shoot yourself in the foot days.  Once you become consistent we start to have less bad days and more good ones.  After that the bell curve flows toward good days and the buy your girlfriend/wife a big overpriced steak dinner days.

Taking a look at a volume chart recently for the last few years which shows the average volume by day proves that over time the ES will have an average volume of 2 million contracts (roughly).  I am very big on sharing my personal trades because I think that its a different story to point out trades and “say they are valid” in comparison with someone actually day trading the markets themselves.

That is the whole beef I have with day trading companies that hire people off the street that haven’t had any day trading experience and then say they are experts.  Anyone that works with me with the Day Trading Academy or for me needs to have proven experience by trading their own account live in the market, no exceptions!

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