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+11 Points On Feb 27th: Market Recap

Im back! Reporting live and direct from the United States.  I am diligently flying around the country, pretending to “call it work” of course, getting things done before my move to Brazil and I decided to start updating the site with my personal charts again.  Many of you have emailed me asking me where I have been and how the market has been and the while the market hasn’t been moving the best we have still been able to minimize our risk and maximize our reward.

I’m really excited about some of the things that I have been working on.  The Learning How To Day Trade Project is alive and well with three members, I have officially given them all names, Bad Asses in Training.  It was very funny because a trader during our live class did very well and I told him that he was trading like a Bad Ass.

Jim Steele, one of the best professional day traders that I have ever had the pleasure of training is Senor Bad Ass.  So now I am going to make t-shirts about the program, I am the Head Bad Ass of course everyone is just B.A.I.T.  Bad Ass In Training.  One of things that I started doing with everyone in the training program is allow them to get a detailed pictures of my trades.

I share more details about how I personally manage my trades with my strategy and give more insight into what to look for to maximize trades.  I think I am going to share a secret move that I call snap crackle pop simply because I think everyone can use it to maximize their trade.  Let me know what you think of the video below! Happy Trading.

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  1. Marcello

    Great post and great video..very informative. Looking forward to more updates. Also, I hope you are serious on spawning off some DayTrading Academy Tshirts. Looking to get one.

    Thanks again!!!

  2. Marcello

    Welcome back! Great video breakdown you make it easy to follow and understand. I saving up for a class in the summer and hope to grab a spot in your program. 11 points is a great day and if you were trading 1 contract like a new trader like myself that would be 550$ correct?

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