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5+ Points: Feb 28th Market Recap

What does a market recap really mean?  Lets think about this for a second, do I really want to pay attention to someone who “talks about the market” or do I want to pay attention to someone that “trades the market”?  I have beef with many of these day trading companies that talk about recaps about their strategy because its all nonsense.

They talk about potentials and what they could do rather than actually day trading their own strategy.  I’m sharing this because that’s the reason I share my personal trades on this site to show you what I really did, that’s the reason why I share my traders income statements and my income statements on the site as well.

You want to show me how your strategy did?  Show me what trades you took, show me an income statement, better yet, prove to me that you are a day trader, not a salesman.  I started just like everyone else and bought countless day trading software and was convinced by salesmen, not day traders.

That’s the end game with day trading isn’t it? Results

That’s one of the reasons I am so adamant about having everyone that works with me and for me at the Day Trading Academy have proven results.  That means a day trader that has been trading live and making money in the market.  The last thing I want to become is another day trading company that pretends to day trade and has a new roll out of day trading software that doesn’t really work.

Trying to get caught up! I have one more recap from last week that will go out tomorrow and then I will start updating more recent recaps every time that I trade.

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