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The Day Trading Academy Review: Master Trader – James

The Day Trading Academy review is brought to you by James.  He is an American that is living and playing professional hockey in Europe.  He has become one of our graduate master traders that has been through our unique training regimen and achieved success.

James has a very unique story because he was not able to attend many of our live market classes or our review classes.  Since we have traders from all over the world we record all of our classes.

This means that we have live and review class recordings that go back over a year!

Because of the recordings he was able to train at his own pace and has even decided not to trade live everyday because of his busy hockey training schedule.

The Day Trading Academy reviews all of our traders charts on a daily and weekly basis. This allows us to work around James’ schedule as well.  Since we consider day trading to be a lifestyle rather than work we don’t close our doors at 5pm on weekdays.

We respond to questions on weekends and even nights because we know how vital it is to get feedback as quick as possible.  James decided to go live during the time of the year where we typically see the lowest volume, December.  It wasn’t the beginning of December either which could typically good movement.  It was the end of the year, the slow volume holiday season.

He was excellent at choosing his spots and staying conservative during the lower volume. He recently has learned to trust his instincts and has been doubling and sometimes tripling his positions when he sees strong momentum.

James recently hosted one of our Graduate Master Trader live market analysis classes where he shared his view of the market.  We prefer to use our students that are trading their own accounts successfully to help teach our classes rather than hire employees that don’t trade.

It is important from an education and learning standpoint that we learn from traders that are actually trading live in the current market conditions.

It is one of the main reasons why our Congressive Day Trading Strategy has become so effective over the last few years.  We look forward to sharing our plans to start our trading centers and create the new DTA Trading Army.  One may see James’ recaps from time to time in our recaps page when he has time to write them up. We plan on sharing more of our students trades in the future.

Here is James in his own words:

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