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May 29th Live Trading Update

Probably could have made a bit more today but happy with just the 4 points…. going to keep watching the market but not taking any other positions today

0529 4

Market could pivot here but happy with 4 points for the day.. now getting back to updating our day trading & travel blog. Look forward to sharing the results of our beginners and advanced traders for April and May shortly

0529 3

Held through some a great pop to the upside but expecting a run back down to the midband from here so going to call it a day with +4 points

0529 2

Chart 1 – in for the win


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  1. Why did you wait to get in where you did? Why not the first time it came back to the Midband right before 8:30? Was it because of the strong price bars down?

    1. Just missed it honestly Pete.. but probably would have looked for a deeper retracement with that strength back to the MB

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