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House Hunters International Episode – Our First Day Trading Center.

So excited to share this House Hunters International Episode which features our founder, Marcello Arrambide, when purchasing a 5 bedroom penthouse in the city of eternal spring, Medellin, Colombia. The property is for all of our traders with The Day Trading Academy to use.

We do most of our training online and this will be our first physical center.

The concept is to have various centers around the world so all of our traders can come and visit at anytime. We are also placing increased focus on our in house traders and managed accounts team. With the growing list of our in house traders we will need to plant more firm roots to assist with training and support.

We now have our Spanish and Portuguese training programs up and running.

Our next physical center will most likely be in the gorgeous city of Rio de Janeiro.

This is for no specific reason outside of one fact.

Who wouldn’t like to be in Rio De Janeiro trading with a gorgeous view of the beach?

View from the penthouse that we rented in Brazil

View from the penthouse that we rented in Brazil

We hope to be on the program again as we hunt down our next properties for all of our traders. The picture above shows our first Master Trader Retreat where we traveled to let off some steam, day trade, and of course enjoy the view.

We were also in Brazil exploring potential sites for our day trading center and looking for investing opportunities.

It was extremely fun filming the program and we look forward to sharing more success from all of our traders.

PS. I would like to send a special CONGRATULATIONS to Shahin in Paris, France. He trade live for the first time today and KILLED IT with 4 points in the profit. That is roughly $200 and over 245-250 trading days in a year he would be able to make $50,000 in his first year of trading based on just those results.

Here is Shahin’s chart for today:


Shahin, and his brother, Shamir, attended our one on one live Military Trading sessions here in our penthouse in Medellin, Colombia.

A Colombian Initiation with Nutella Ice Cream Waffles :)

A Colombian Initiation with Nutella Ice Cream Waffles 🙂

I’m glad you made it this far…

On Wednesday, Jan 28th,  we will be having a live webinar for those who are interested in the training program to discuss the best markets to trade, potential openings in the training program, and why you shouldn’t trade stocks, forex, and options.

Click here to sign up for the webinar Wednesday Jan 28th at 12pm EST

Stay profitable….


  1. Marcelo, the frustrating thing I am facing time and time again is not being able to attend seminars and such because of my day job. I don’t have access to on my work computer to be able to pull up these seminars and I’ m not allowed to tie into the company system. I’ve enjoyed watching your videos and I guess that makes it even more irritating because..I know I can do this! I’ve been studying the eminis since I joined this company that has algo that basically trade for you..of course autotrading. But I dont want to autotrade I want to learn everything I can to become a pro trader and not rely on any mechanical or technical system. I want learn how to fish darn it! I want to retire in 2 yrs at 61 and live a comfortable life that I created for my bride and i.

    1. Sorry to hear that Roger! I think that it would be a good idea if we did a seminar in the evening sometime between 8pm or so. Did you now that you can watch the webinar from your phone?

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