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Jan 21st Live Class Recording & Amazing Results By Our Traders

The market isn’t giving up this year.

No sir.

With so much uncertainty in the world the volatility and volume has continued to increase.

The European Union just announced QE (money printing) which will help Gold and Silver continue to rise. If you don’t remember we recommended you buy silver and gold on Aug 19, Nov 18Dec 5.

We still need to share how our in house managed accounts team was able to net 41.84% last year with only 5.5 months of trading live since July 13th.

First I will share with you some of the charts from today’s live class run by our Master Trader, Nikolai. The Hit Man takes no prisoners so what does he do after he finishes class? He grabs his weapon and starts attacking the market. 7.5 points in 2.5 hours.  Click on any of the pictures to see large version.


Here is our newest Master Trader’s chart, Dr. Z, with a near 7 point trade. For those not familiar with E-mini futures one point is $50 per contract. So if Dr. Z was trading 10 contracts he would have been able to make $3,500 with just one trade.


And soon to be introduced as one of the new members of our in house trading team, Zak. Nearly 20 points with just 2 trades. (SPOILER ALERT) This is why we are starting our very own hedge fund.


Here is one of our student traders from our live class as well:


And before you watch the video I also wanted to include one of our newer student trader’s results. 2.75 points while he is practicing on sim.


Here is a snippet from our live class yesterday Jan 22nd.  This is the long version for about 16 minutes if you want to see and hear more detail about the way that we operate. The shorter version (10 minutes) is below as well.

Here is the short version roughly 10 minutes long

Soon we will announce our new newsletter that we are going to provide free for those that would like to see our stock picks and analysis on the markets.  Stay tuned for that and….

Stay profitable my friend.

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