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Feb 26th Live Market Class Replay: $4,600 Avail for Beginners!

Sit in your chair and imagine this for just a moment. It is a horrible day, it’s hot, and there is nothing to eat and the house.

Your seven years old, loves sweets, and have a problem that in politically correct America we call “weight challenged”.

All of a sudden a chime jingles.

Could it be?

Yes it can, it’s the ice cream man.

Day traders are the fat kids right now and the market is the ice cream man.

With current market conditions making money day trading is as easy as taking candy from a baby.  Disclaimer: we would never do that.

The way that the market has been moving for the last week and a half has been absolutely incredible. There have been some traders that are part of the training program that have netted upwards of 30 and 40 points in the day.

If there was ever a time to learn how to day trade it would be right now. When the market has such high volume and volatility a beginner trader can make more mistakes and still do extremely well.

A single days volume has been higher than the volume from two or three days combined.

We hosted over 200 traders in our live class yesterday and also had a webinar to let everyone know that we are announcing openings into the training program.  We’ve met with and spoken to over 1000 traders from the Expo and it will be great to continue to provide new traders the path they need to find success.

After our live market class and the short webinar there was a business meeting I needed to attend. On the phone for roughly an hour discussing the initial plans for our day trading center in India, the market was begging me to participate.

This is the kind of movement that developed the HTS management technique.  In other words, the market movement is so enticing we developed HTS in order to trade while we teach.

But that is the secret, don’t tell anyone.

Getting started just after 1 PM Eastern the market was still moving exceptionally well. It is very surprising to see how much volume the market has throughout the day.  The afternoons have generally been nonexistent in terms of activity.

After trading for one hour and 15 minutes the outcome was seven points on four trades, all winners.

Emini S&P 500

One of those trades is a new Pro trade that we developed.  We are working with everyone in our pros room (graduates of the program that are trading their own accounts live) in order to continue to develop the trade with more refined rules.

Many traders ask the times that we trade, the morning is considered 9:30 AM Eastern to 1 PM Eastern and the afternoons are considered 1 PM Eastern to market close (4 PM). We assume all of our beginner results are valid trades according to the Congressive Trading System from 9:30 AM Eastern to 1 PM Eastern (morning session).  These times are for the Emini S&P 500.

Other E-mini markets have different optimal times to trade.

While there may be a variation of decisions a beginner could have made anywhere between six to almost 10 points throughout the morning session.

If the beginner is advanced enough to take one or two advanced or Pro trades then that can be even higher.

One of the things we always want to mention is that it isn’t necessarily about making a lot of money or even 1 billion points every day. The concept of what we try to do is be consistent every day. You will find in the recap from Monday that many traders decide to just call it a day after one or two profitable trades.

The idea is to try to be consistent. As long as we are consistently making a profit every single day then we can add contracts.

If a trader only makes one point a day, or $50 per contract, we can easily add 10 to 20 contracts and that daily income rises to $500-$1000 a day. That isn’t even assuming that we are trading and even higher contract load.

Just imagine the possibilities. Two weeks of this market activity could get a trader enough profits to last an entire year. The real question is, has this market been fun for you?

Stay profitable my friends.

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