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Feb 25th Recap: Over $4,000 – THE MARKET IS BACK!

Were you invited to the party? The market at the end of last week spiked with the level of volume that we haven’t seen in over a year. A trader is responsible for identifying different kinds of market environments.

A high volume high volatility market is definitely his favorite.

With straight-line runs of over eight and nine points the opportunities are truly endless when we have this kind of market. There were times within the last year were only one or two points were available in a trading session.

All of those are easily forgotten when we have the opportunities shown on a day like today.  10 AM Eastern was the starting point of the kind of behavior we haven’t seen for a very long time.

Just to put this into perspective the volume and movement we witnessed today was the third highest volume in the last year.

This is a statement as to how quickly the market can change.

We witnessed the extremes while traveling and day trading in India. Now we are observing the extremes that can occur in the market as well.  If one remembers the month of September last year had the lowest volume on record since 2006/2007.

stock market volume

The market volume for the last year

We didn’t have a live market class today so we were all able to trade, tomorrow will be another story. We have invited a handful of traders to our live trading workshop tomorrow just contact us if you would like to attend.

The charts came flying in the Day Trading Academy inbox today with such a range and movement. Most of our students using the Congressive Trading System did exceptionally well.  I wouldn’t be a responsible trader if I wasn’t showing the charts below from students that are trading their own account live:

LTD Project Member: PointDexter

At some point in time we gave everyone nicknames so it is only appropriate that we present them as such.  Poindexter is one of the members of the LTD Project and after a brief foray into the 6E he now trades at both the 6E and that the ES.  He will be presenting his view of his trades today on another post.

One thing I would like to point out is that he was able to make close to two points in a span of just 36 minutes another trader whose charts are presented below just trades 30 minutes to an hour a day every single day.

Most of our traders that are trading live normally only trade for an hour or two or two a day.

0225 pointdexter

LTD Project member: Mr. Millionaire

This member of the LTD Project is still learning the Congressive approach to trading.  We call him Mr. millionaire because he currently trades a million-dollar fund. We would be surprised if it’s that multimillion by now.

We have had training session then Colombia, had the pleasure of day trading from a penthouse in Brazil, and he is now day trading in Argentina.

He saw the opportunity that we provided in the futures markets and we are now working together to complement his strategy.

Millionaire 0225

Mr. Bad Ass

This trader is one of the best traders that we have seen and this is the sole reason why we call him Mr. Bad Ass.  He is the original Bad Ass.  He enjoys day trading so much he trades throughout the entire day. His morning session was close to 13 points and his entire day results ended at roughly 32 points.

I always love to highlight Mr. Bad Ass because he is one of the best traders that we have ever seen.  Continuing to strive, always looking to improve, he also shows the extremes at which day trading is possible. I started day trading at roughly 18 years old and Mr. Bad Ass when he was over 60.

He is such a bad ass trader that even his wife got the flu so they could cancel a cruise to the Caribbean so he could day trade. True Story.  We do hope that Señora Bad Ass  gets better.

I have adjusted the chart just click on the picture below to see the full chart (disclaimer, it’s massive)

bad ass 0225 2

 The Beach Don

Unfortunately the Beach Don doesn’t have an official nickname just yet.  Other nicknames have come naturally.  We have come up with the Beach Don because no matter what the market is doing this Don is at the beach within an hour or two a day.

Living the right lifestyle is his addiction.

He would prefer to trade for an hour or less a day and be on the pristine beaches of Florida.  This trader is going to help with a new idea we have called day trading cells (more on that soon).  One can see his ability to read the markets as he has developed a split target system to work with the low movement we have seen recently.

He is starting to trade a higher contract load as well on the Emini SP 500.  He is planning a great trip by taking his entire family to Italy in the summer.  We might just surprise him and throw a trading party!

I love his style because no matter what happens or what anyone tells him he continues to extract his goal out of hte market.  Just 2 pts a day is all he needs to be a successful day trader.  2 pts at 10 contracts is roughly $200,000 a year.  Now imagine that number with 50 or 100 contracts.  Our beginner results alone have averaged 2 pts a day throughout all of 2012.  Click here to see results page.

beach don

We look forward to an amazing week in the markets. With the volume and volatility at all time levels it will be great for trading.  The live classes that starts tomorrow for everyone in the training program should be exceptional as well.

Stay profitable my friends

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