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Graduate Master Trader June 11th Recap: 2 pts

Editors Note: This is how many of our graduate master traders prefer to trade.  In and out in a few minutes and finish with a handful of points everyday.  The philosophy here is to be consistent everyday.  Reviewing all of Deuce’s charts he has been able to consistently make a profit every single day.  Soon enough he will be able to spend his days on the beach every day.


Hi everybody. Today I didn’t feel like watching the market for too long so I decided to shut it down after 3 trades. Two winners and one loser. Right after the market opened, I hesitated on the first move to the downside.

On the first trade, I minimized my risk after the price failed to pop and took a 1 point loss. On my second trade, I was able to get 2 points and on my last trade I was content on getting 1 point at the resistance area.

I should have given the last trade a chance to reach 2 points, but I was happy with a total of 2 points after 30 minutes of trading.

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