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May 4th Recap: Bundas & 20 Points ($10,000 Available)

May 4th Recap: Bundas & 20 Points ($10,000 Available)

That is the view from my temporary office as I write this recap.  I am in a small town in southern Brazil called Florianopolis that is known for gorgeous beaches and well, gorgeous woman.  You didn’t think I was coming here just for the beach did you? Today was the kind of day that makes […]

May 1st Recap: There Were No Opportunities Today

May 1st Recap: There Were No Opportunities Today

I made a million bucks today, again! Yep.  That is the common adage in the day trading industry, picking and choosing the best days in order to look very good in the eyes of newbies.  Well guess what, we didn’t have any “classic opportunities” on May 1st and I am more than willing to admit it. I […]

April 30th Recap: 5pts ($2500 Available)

day trading in rio de janeiro

Welcome to the last day of the month! It is certainly not a nice day in Rio de Janeiro only decided to spend the entire day with hookah, reggae, and a day trading. I have taken over the living room and as you can see with the picture below this is my office for the […]

April 27th Recap: 11.75 points in 30 minutes

April 27th Recap: 11.75 points in 30 minutes

It has been a while hasn’t it?  We have a fantastic penthouse apartment overlooking the entire city here in Rio and we have been working diligently on what we now call the Day Trading Proyecto.  That is going to be the name of the day trading center in Colombia, Brice and I (will formally introduce […]

Winner of the $10,000 Training Program

Winner of the $10,000 Training Program

It has been two weeks into this and I would like to thank everyone that entered the contest kindly for keeping me busy.  Everyone did just as I asked which disappointed me a bit to be honest.  I thought that since I show my personality via The Day Trading Academy and I wanted to see the […]

April 10th Recap: 21 points – Over $10,000 Available


As I am writing this post, I just informed Brice that quote “Pascua” is spelled with u-a at the end and not a-u, Pascua is Spanish for Easter.  I keep trying to remind them that were in Brazil now, not Colombia. The LTD Project Brazil has officially started.  I will have you know that I actually met […]

A Special Request For Easter In Brazil

A Special Request For Easter In BrazilYou Should Be Here Craig

Its not everyday you get a specific request for a picture.  But being that it was Easter I had to fulfill it, check out more about my travels on my travel blogs,  I will be living in Brazil for the next month so catch updates specifically on my travel blog site.  I will be […]

My New Day Trading Office in Brazil

day trading in brazilOur day trading in Brazil.

My new day trading office in Brazil sits on the fourth story in the building of a small neighborhood called Santa Teresa.  To the left am able to see the entire coast of Rio de Janeiro, which includes the Sugarloaf mountain, and to the right you can see the Christ the Redeemer statue (not in […]

April 4th Recap: $4000 Available: Welcome to Brazil!

rio de janeiroRio De Janeiro

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro everyone!  I have quite a bit of trouble finding an apartment here in the city and the prices are so outrageously high, but I am sitting here with a great view of the mountainside and Christ the Redeemer statue. I will be sharing more pictures of my current day trading […]

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