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Celebrating $16,007 in Profits – Day Trading In Sydney

Day Trading in AustraliaDay Trading in Australia

It’s time for our Master Trader retreat in Sydney! We have been hosting 8 student traders during our Military Trading event in Australia. It has been quite fun watching the markets in the early hours of the morning (we just can’t seem to get enough). Seems as if it has worked out for the best with the volatility that we have been seeing. From the reaction of the announcement from the Central Bank of Japan we saw the Japanese Yen skyrocket.  Luckily, […]

Military Training In Australia – $5723.46 Closed Positions & $10,658 in Open Positions

Day Trading in Australia

Our adventure day trading in Australia has begun! There hasn’t been a recap in quite sometime and since we are currently in Australia hosting our first Military Training on the continent we felt it was time to get caught up. We have brought a handful of our Master Traders and we plan on visiting the Great Barrier Reef by setting up a stronghold in the North East near the city of Cairns. We started with a cold day in Sydney. Our Military Training is […]

A Sincere Thank You To the DTA family

Jim Nikolia Marcello MannyFrom left to right; Nikolai, Marcello, Jim, Manny

Time flies doesn’t it? Looking back at another year I couldn’t help but think about all of the people that allowed us to get here. The entire DTA family; from our Master Traders, to our new traders, and everyone in between. We run things a little bit differently than most companies and that is part of the reason why we have had so much success. We rely on each other, we look to each other for help, there is no success without […]

Trader Goes Live: 60.94% in 1.5 Months – Len Shares His Story (NEW Webinar Announced)

Day Traders in BrazilDay Traders in Brazil

There is nothing like hearing these stories. Len went live in the beginning of October and this isn’t just his first day live. Nor is it his first week live. Many times in this industry many trading companies share the first moment someone goes live and then you never hear from that person again.  I specifically wanted to share Len’s story because he has been trading live for a month and a half. He is a conservative trader and has had 2-3 […]

Gorgeous Trading Offices In Europe & Top 3 Mistakes Traders Make

Day Trading OfficesDay Trading Offices

I wanted to share something to inspire you today. And also share the top three mistakes that traders make. Although trading can bring a slew of wealth and good living most people don’t realize it takes a significant amount of work, discipline, and patience. Even though the industry talks about how much money can be made it is important to understand that simple fact above. Once you have made the life can be nothing short of incredible. We took a two and […]

Recap From Our Military Training University: Next In Prague

Day trading italyDay Trading in Venice, Italy

Its has been a busy few months at the Day Trading Academy. We completed a two month tour around Europe to be able to day trade and travel and now we are hosting our Military Training Universities (MTU). First was Houston and the second was in our trading center in Medellin, Colombia. The MTU is an extension of our Military Training where we provide an intensive 1 week training on everything a person needs to get to the next level. Here is a […]

Making Money In An Economic Crisis & Recession

How to make money in a recession and economic crisisHow to make money in a recession and economic crisis

Making money in an economic crisis is hard isn’t it? That is the common question many have directed at me over the last few years. Can I make money day trading in a recession? The truth is, things are tough out there. The global economy hasn’t recovered since the 2008 crisis. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Although the official unemployment rate is 5.5% the real number is above 10.9% if you include those that have stopped […]

Day Trader’s Lifestyle: Epic Eiffel Tower View in Paris

Day Traders LifestyleFirst view of the gorgeous Eiffel Tower

Our Day Trader’s Lifestyle has allowed us to reach… Paris. We have scoured the beaches of Brazil. Viewed the majestic beauty of her majesty’s Taj Mahal. Swam in the Epic Infinity Pool in Singapore. We have even (glamorously) traded on top of a freezer, tipped over sideways and on top of a ping pong table, in the remote corners of Somalia. We decided to choose something a little romantic this time. Not that these sexy guys above aren’t my type, it is just […]

One Trade at a Time…

One Trade at a Time...

This article is adapted from an email response by our very own Master Trader Nikolai to one of our promising pro traders. The key to trading well is to truly understand and habituate a discrete process – one trade at a time, every trade is for itself. Emotions tend to carry-over from one premise to the next (because we are human), but they create an illusion of cause-effect or correlation, when in reality, trades are discrete events… Simple fact, but counter-intuitive to our […]

The Week Isn’t Over Yet But We Had To Share These Results

The Week Isn't Over Yet But We Had To Share These Results

The market has been rallying this week and we have seen a exceptional movement for trading.  We wanted to share last weeks results in the meantime because we have seen absolutely amazing market activity. Many of our traders have been able to excel in this type of environment. One of the most important things in learning how to day trade is understanding how to read the market properly. Our Master Traders are able to adapt to whatever the market has thrown at them. […]

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