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April 22nd Recap: Over $6,000 From Singapore

Day Trading TradestationOverall market view from today

Enter Singapore! The market in the last few weeks has been moving incredibly well.  The volume, volatility, and movement have been off of the charts. There is a definite difference between the market moving well and just having great momentum and movement.  Volatility has definitely spiked but what we have been seeing in the last few weeks is picture perfect trade setups with picture perfect trends.  Nothing like trading in this kind of market! The added strength in momentum with extended trends have […]

SNEAK PEAK: New Trade From Live Class Today: $10,000 on one trade

SNEAK PEAK: New Trade From Live Class Today: $10,000 on one trade

This is some live trading that we did today with all of our students in the training program.  We shared our trades with everyone in the live market analysis class that is run by one of our graduate master traders (students that have been through the program and are making money with their own accounts live) Early entry on the trades had to take some heat. This is a new pro trade that we are working on…. Finally the market pops and […]

This Is What We Have Been Up To Day Trading In Jordan

Amman CitadelThe Amman Citadel located in the heart of the city

Day trading in Jordan and around the world is one thing.  Day trading & traveling is a whole different picture.  We have been in Jordan for a few days now and have been able to see, eat, and experience incredible things. We are going to be headed to the lowest point on Earth tomorrow (again). The dying Dead Sea is on the border of Israel & Jordan (or as others dispute Palestine) and is the saltiest body of water on Earth.  The […]

$4,000 in 22 Minutes: March 19th Recap – Berlin

Brandenburg GateThe symbol of Berlin: Brandenburg Gate

Willkommen in Berlin. Wir wünschen einen angenehmen Aufenthalt.  That is German for welcome to Berlin! Have a pleasant stay. Currently in Berlin preparing for our Jordan trip that starts tomorrow at five in the morning. Luckily, I have yet to adapt to European time and have been going to bed at five in the morning. This should bode well with a nice connecting flight from Austria to Jordan. Really excited about the comings and goings of things we have planned. We are […]

Incredible Day In The Market! March 18th Recap – $1750 Available

Architecture in LondonGorgeous architecture in London right outside our front door step in the city

Been a while hasn’t it?  We were in London all of last week busy with meetings with traders helping us plan our trading center in India.  We had a bit of low volume but we were still able to do very well. The first three months of the year have been incredibly busy that we even haven’t had time to post our 2012 results review or the January or February results (coming shortly). We are headed to Berlin soon followed by taking […]

Meet The Man That Won The Free Training Contest & Will Get 1-on-1 Training In Jordan

Meet The Man That Won The Free Training Contest & Will Get 1-on-1 Training In Jordan

Everyone always asks us well why are you teaching people if you are able to do so well making a living day trading? We have the kind of culture around the world that if something works we should keep it from each other. It is understandable because most traders make money in the markets by exploiting an edge. An edge that can quickly disappear if everyone in the world starts using it.  Global investors are no different.  This concept has been passed […]

May 4th Recap: Over $3,000 on 1 hour of trading (Live Trading Video)

Day Trading TradestationOverall market view from today

We were finally able to get the sound working on today’s recap, sadly the sound on the March 1st video won’t be possible. Today is really an example of what is possible when a trader reaches a certain level of consistency in the markets. Trading for roughly an hour a day we were able to extract over 6 points with just one single trend. We always assume 10 contracts being traded as that is the magic number for everyone so that would […]

Meet Mark: The Incredible Trader That Just Made $8,000 His First Day Live

Meet Mark: The Incredible Trader That Just Made $8,000 His First Day Live

We have shared a success story in quite some time and the best way to get things started is with a party. We would like to formally introduce Mark, the man who made $8000 his first day trading live. What we want you to take from the story is that he has only been trading futures for two weeks and barely attended any live classes. Over the course of teaching traders for nearly 8 years and being in the day trading industry […]

March 1st Recap: $2700 – Live Trading Video (Now Updated Student Charts)

ninja trader charts

This week has been nothing short of fantastic.  The market is continuing to move at a frantic pace. Great runs and retracements and the volume is the best that it has been in over a year. We have not seen this kind of volume and movement on consecutive days for quite sometime (over a year). There were some amazing announcements as well, three different traders went live this week.  I have asked all of them to give me a full write up of how […]

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