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Can Your Strategy Make Money With 40% Win Ratios? Weekly Recap with Student Trader

Lunch In IndiaLunch In India

Another student that makes only 40% winners and manages to make a profit.  I always like to highlight these days because its incredibly powerful to have a strategy where you can still make money when you are only 40% right. We always like to win more than we lose and have our winners be bigger than our losers I’d like to highlight that most of the traders that are winning at 40% are beginners.  What we try to focus on is making […]

I Would Like To Sincerely Thank Each And Every One Of You

thank you

Imagine a man in his late teens looking for an opportunity to attain his freedom.  Think of a man that had to work for everything that he wanted because he was born in a third world country and he wasn’t given any free handouts. Enter Marcello Arrambide, my life at 18 years old. I envisioned myself as a business man but never day trading & traveling around the world.  To live a life of complete freedom is something difficult to attain.  Trying […]

First Trading Day in 2013 Was Stupendously Boring (5+ Points)

First Trading Day in 2013 Was Stupendously Boring (5+ Points)

Today was an exciting day for me, my first official day trading in 2013 and it was gloriously boring. The volume was extremely low at well below half of the daily average and the market was moving slower than “Latin time”. I was however, as excited to trade the first day of 2013 as these four gentlemen below.  I forgot to ask them why they couldn’t just fit 5 on that scooter. At the end of every year I try to drag […]

Final Training Program Openings & An Exclusive New Year Opportunity

invest in your future

A  lot has changed over the course of the last few years, I have managed to turn my life around on several different occasions over the last 10 years by getting out of high school with a $25,000 student loan in order to start day trading. Fast forward a few years and I was in college working for $8 dollars an hour trying to make ends meet. I was only getting 4 or 5 nights sleep at best every week because I was driven […]

Student Traders Trading Live Teaching Classes All Week This Week!

Gondar EthiopiaThe real life Camelot in Gondar Ethiopia

This is what it is all about, when I was first convinced to start teaching again when I was living in Ethiopia I wanted to try and create something different.  Normally the storyline with day trading companies is they have members of the “organization” teaching best practices and showing us what we should do. How convenient right? I remember this like it was yesterday when I first started to learn how to day trade.  I paid over $7,000  for my first piece […]

Meet Mr. LT, Won 45% Of His Trades Last Week & Still Made Money

Risk vs Reward Ratio

I wanted to share Mr. LT results because everyone in this industry is so fixated on Risk vs Reward.  While its important to have your winners be bigger than your losers, what about winning more than you lose? I have found in so many situations day traders ignore trades that are extremely profitable because they aren’t going to win twice as much as they are going to risk. What I always tell all my traders is to pay attention to momentum instead of […]

We Are Offering A Free 1 Year Training Program & A Free Trip To Jordan

We Are Offering A Free 1 Year Training Program & A Free Trip To Jordan

Are you ready to do something new with your life? We are offering one lucky person the opportunity to earn a 1 year free training program to learn how to day trade.  All this will be coupled with a free trip to Jordan.  If you are ready to have a career that will allow you to travel around the world and have your financial & location freedom this is going to be an opportunity of a lifetime. 

My Day Trading Office In The Colombian Coffee Region

Day Trading In Colombia

While day trading in Colombia I was day trading & travelling through some of the most remote regions of the interior of the country.  The reason for the trip was to not only see the Colombian coffee region but also to help a photographer with a video project he was working on.  The result is above. This was an office at a photo studio and I  not only had issues with the internet, I also had an issue in trying to find a […]

The Announcement Of All Announcements Is Coming Soon – New Contest!

The Announcement Of All Announcements Is Coming Soon - New Contest!

The stars are aligning and I have been busy working hard to develop a new & improved curriculum that is going to focus on more advanced concepts and trades.  It has been a full year now since traders from the last company I was with convinced me to start teaching again. I’m glad that they did because I have met amazing traders and have improved my own trading by teaching others how to trade.  There is  a reason why I have student […]

From Military Training To Student Hot Seats: Alive & Well

day trading education

I have been so overwhelmed having to balance my own day trading & travelling, teaching, and also training the guys from the LTD Project.  I tread the waters very carefully of having the responsibility to teach other traders how to read the markets & be able to consistently make money every day. It isn’t about winning big its about just winning every day Since I have been through the best scams the day trading industry has to offer I refuse to do […]

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