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February 4th Recap: Over $8,000 – Last Day In India Edition

February 4th Recap: Over $8,000 - Last Day In India Edition

At last the market recap for February 4th. It has been quite a busy week with our move from India to the United States. We will be spending the next few weeks in New York City attending the traders Expo at the Marriot Marquis near Times Square. It was my last day in India and it was a bittersweet ending. Normally when we start living overseas we immediately procure an apartment. Due to the inconsistencies of service, mainly internet and electricity, it […]

17+ Point Day ($8,000+): The Last Hoorah

17+ Point Day ($8,000+): The Last Hoorah

Don’t have enough time to do a full write up and video for the recap today but I wanted to share the chart. This is the primary thing that we try to do at the Day Trading Academy is to identify market movements and capitalize when the market is moving well. There were two fundamental movements to identify today that indicated the trend to the downside was going to occur. By being able to identify it we just ride the wave so to […]

Jan 30th Recap: Over $3,300 Available (Taj Mahal Countdown Edition)

Jaswant Thada Memorial Mausoleum in Jodhpur IndiaJaswant Thada Memorial Mausoleum in Jodhpur India

One of the things that was always in the back of our minds is how we were going to balance day trading & traveling. If it wasn’t for the likes of Paul and the other students we wouldn’t be able to continue living the lifestyle of traveling around the world day trading. This was the first thought since we posted the very first market recap on the site. We share this because starting last week we have had nothing but students run […]

Jan 29th Recap: Over $5,700 Available

India CraftsmenshipWe call her Nefertiti, she will be greeting traders at our Singapore trading center

I really should travel on Indian trains more often. One of the things I love about day trading in India is the fact that we are a gorgeous 10.5 hours ahead of the market. This means that my mornings involve lots of snoring and anything else one can concoct on a budding 3 month adventure through India. It was quite an experience taking the train and the highest class available to book didn’t have privacy, comfortable pillows, nor a bathroom that smelled like glorious popery. […]

Day Trading in Mumbai, India: Taj Mahal Palace Edition

India Gate MumbaiThe India Gate in Mumbai at Sunrise

The day arrived, day trading in Mumbai, India, had begun. It was a new adventure, a new life, a new way to experience one of the most ancient cultures of our time reemerge. I was excited to experience this first hand as many years from now the world will look at this time and wonder what was the turning point in history. It was decided to visit India now because this is the coolest time of the year.  As heat and humidity […]

Day Trading In Brazil: Daily Life In Rio De Janeiro

Para gliding in Rio De JaneiroPara gliding in Rio De Janeiro

Day Trading in Brazil was one of the most unique experiences that I could ever have.  Of all of the countries I have had the opportunity to visit and trade from, Brazil by far is one of my favorites. Rio De Janeiro is one of the most unique cities that one could experience in the world. We started by renting a penthouse in an exclusive neighborhood in the Santa Theresa district.  It was something else taking a train to our front door […]

Scouring Nearly 5,000 Applicants To The Jordan Training Contest

Devils Pool

The time has come to choose a winner!  It is going to be extremely overwhelming as nearly 5,000 applicants applied to become part our new training program in Jordan. One of the responsibilities of being successful is also giving back.  The members of the LTD Project and the students of the training program have been doing extremely well.  We wanted to give someone the opportunity to invest in their future by not only giving them our tools and resources, but also including […]

Jan 18th Recap: 3.75pts – 100% win ratio

Jan 18th Recap: 3.75pts - 100% win ratio

Jan 18th was options expiration day.  One of the reasons why we are able to continue to thrive in the markets is because we use a variety of sources in order to improve the Congressive Trading System.  It isn’t just about sharing new ideas and concepts with traders that we have been trading with for close to ten years. No, it’s also about having our student experts chime in on what’s important. The markets are always going to change throughout time and […]

Trading Reminder: Market Is Closed Monday


Wanted to remind all day traders out there that the markets are officially closed on Monday in observance of the Martin Luther King holiday.  The market will open at it’s normally scheduled time on Sunday at 5pm EST and officially the official close will be on Monday at 10.30am EST.  In other words, the market is open only during a very small portion of the normal session and it will not provide enough opportunities.  The market will reopen at normal hours on […]

Jan 17th Live Trading Update: Reached Target TO THE TICK!

Jan 17th Live Trading Update: Reached Target TO THE TICK!

Today we hosted our own traders and invited other traders to join us in a live class to see exactly how we read the market.  The market was slow and wasn’t moving in a great manner but we did have a handful of opportunities.  The market started off with extremely strong momentum, similar to Jan 16th. If you were following our Day Trading Academy Facebook page we provided live updates! Here is the initial chart that we had this morning with the […]

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