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Our day trading blog is designed to talk about all of our day trading endeavors all around the world.

Meet Master Trader Marcello Arrambide-The Day Trading Academy Founder

Marcello ArrambideMarcello Arrambide in India

Name: Marcello Arrambide Aka: Market Whisperer Years of Experience: 10+ years Style: Congressive Daily Average: 3-5 pts per day Marcello Arrambide, freedom connoisseur, day trading aficionado, founder of The Day Trading Academy (DTA). He is normally seen as the man holding the reigns at (DTA).  This however is not the case. The men really holding the reigns are the rising number of Master Traders that have joined the elite ranks at DTA.  Starting his day trading career at the tender age of 18 years old, […]

New Traders Up $1385.20 Today & Interview With 6th Trader Going Live

New Traders Up $1385.20 Today & Interview With 6th Trader Going Live

We really can’t describe what it means when we see traders doing this. The whole concept of having our day trading centers around the world is to give to those that are less fortunate.  In Colombia, someone who graduates from college makes an average of about $800 a month. The minimum wage here is roughly $315. When we see traders going live and putting themselves in a position to succeed that really makes all of the our hard work worth it. We […]

Investors Should Take A Second Look At SodaStream

Investors Should Take A Second Look At SodaStream

Investors looking for a stock that is on sale should take another look at SodaStream. Surprisingly for many is that the company has been around for over 100 years, being founded in 1903. Many consumers worldwide, are also surprised that the company is actually based in Israel. The products are presently available in 41 countries. The company’s market strategy is to sell consumers carbonated drinks that are made at home. Users will need to purchase a carbonation device. The machine carbonates water […]

New Ninja Trader Brokerage Reviews: Lowest Commission In The Industry?

NinjaTrader Brokerage Reviews

The official Ninja Trader Brokerage Reviews will be coming shortly with time as the new acquisition has been completed.  Ninja Trader, one of the best charting platforms on the market, has acquired Mirus Futures, another market leading company in the E-mini futures  brokerage industry. This is incredible news since Ninja Trader is now able to offer everything in house.  What stands out with the new Ninja Trader Brokerage is the commission structure. The new brokerage is now offering the lowest commissions in the industry. […]

Interview With 5th Colombian Trader After He Goes Live

Interview With 5th Colombian Trader After He Goes Live

Santiago has gone live in a very low volume and have made very good decisions so far in his trading.  I wanted to do a more in depth view of our fifth Colombian trader to showcase some of his trading.  Overall, everyone in our training program is able to average roughly 2 points a day.  Many of our Master Traders are able to average between 3-5 points a day. Below we will be updating the results of Santiago trades for the last […]

Meet Santiago: The Fifth Colombian Trader About To Go Live

Meet Santiago: The Fifth Colombian Trader About To Go Live

We have now reached our fifth trader that is about to go live in Colombia.  He has been working diligently and tirelessly to give himself a chance with a live account. The time has finally come!  We wanted to capture these moments, as we try to do for the members of our training program (Go Griffin!)  Listen to his own words below as he shares his thoughts on going live for the first time.

How The World Cup Affects The Stock Market

how the world cup affects the stock-market.

Wondering how the World Cup affects the stock market? Unless something major happens with world events in the next few weeks the anticipation will be low volume in the stock market. Although the summer months are known for less activity a relatively small event is set to begin this week. I don’t know of you have heard about it in the United States. It is a game where players kick a ball to each other with the eventual goal of getting it […]

Meet Our Newest Master Trader: Zeke aka Dr. Z

Meet Our Newest Master Trader: Zeke aka Dr. Z

 THE DOCTOR IS IN THE HOOOOOUUSSSSEEEEEE! Another trader that has been through the training program has been promoted (and well deserved, I might add) to Master Trader status.  We call Zeke “Dr. Z” and for good reason. Dr Z can look at the market and make a decision with a compelling market physics mentality.  He is adept at paying attention to specific pivot points as well as buying and selling areas of importance. Zeke has a unique story, as is the case […]

Meet Jim Steel: The Master Trader We Call Superman

Jim Steel Day Trader.

What is there not to say about Jim Steel? There is a reason that we call him Superman. He was self employed for 38 years as an electrical engineer before becoming a professional day trader in 2009.  Jim was also a fire chief in his local town and retired in 2013.  He alone has contributed more to improving to our Congressive Trading Strategy more than any one else.   He is by far one of our most successful Graduate Master Traders.

4th Trader In Colombia Goes Live: Meet Sebas

4th Trader In Colombia Goes Live: Meet SebasHe dominates the market and then dominates dinner. Two pizzas for the Hit Man

As the saying goes… “When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.”   ― Paulo Cohelo in the Alchemist A few years ago I never planned teaching again. I was enjoying my life as a day trader by traveling around the world. To the exotic beaches of Brazil all the way to the historic lands of Ethiopia. I was following my quest for excitement and since I could day trade from anywhere in the world […]

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