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Day Trading in Mumbai, India: Taj Mahal Palace Edition

The day arrived, day trading in Mumbai, India, had begun.

It was a new adventure, a new life, a new way to experience one of the most ancient cultures of our time reemerge.

I was excited to experience this first hand as many years from now the world will look at this time and wonder what was the turning point in history.

It was decided to visit India now because this is the coolest time of the year.  As heat and humidity was invented in India, it is best to visit during the coolest time of the year. One has to also take into account the monsoon season which is unforgiving.

India Gate Mumbai

The India Gate in Mumbai at Sunrise

I arrived at the customs office not knowing what to expect, not knowing what direction to take.  I did not know how to embark on this new journey of creating a trading center in a country that has completely different customs and a way of life that one is used to.

I have yet to arrive in a country where I could not learn the local language. India would be easier than most as many locals speak English.  The language of business is English.

Would it be that difficult? A country that has roughly 5 million college graduates with no job opportunities would have to be looking for a chance.  A chance for freedom.

As I walked through the doors that would lead me to the chaos that ensued I stopped and took a deep breath.  One drop of sweat slowly made its way down the side of my face and I realized I was home.

Looking for the cardboard sign with Marcello Arrambide written in black ink, I decided to be adventurous and take a more glamorous  entry into my new home.  The rickshaw.

Rickshaws, Rickshaw, Rickshaw India

Rickshaws in bustling Mumbai traffic

Arriving at the hotel that was booked last minute I knew immediately  something was wrong.  The internet wouldn’t meet the standards needed to teach the live market classes that we run in the training program.  I wasn’t worried because I knew that I could call on the student experts that are trading live in order to share their opinions on the market.

Many don’t realize a high internet speed is not required to trade, the only thing that day traders need to have in order to do their job is a reliable internet connection.  A high speed connection is a luxury in most places I have been.

I soon called upon the luxuries of the iconic Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai in order to ensure that I would not only get something decent to eat, but I would have a reliable internet connection.

Day Trading in Mumbai, India, never felt so good.

One the things that any day trader, or traveler for that matter, has to realize is that India is a case of two extremes.  It is either a backpacker’s life or a luxury lifestyle. Considering that we have a responsibility to continue on with the live market classes it was an easy choice.

Day Trading in Mumbai out of the Taj Mahal Hotel & Palace works wonders for reliable internet but not for my health.

Taj Mahal Palace and Hotel

Taj Mahal Palace and Hotel in Mumbai

At the writing of this post I have been living in India for roughly 2 months.  I  have gotten sick more in the last month than I have been sick in the last ten years.  One of the reasons I came to India, specifically Mumbai, was to look for the viability to open a trading center as well as the option of trading the NIFTY.

The staff at the Taj was nothing short of accommodating and as a wrote on the India travel blog at WanderingTrader, 5 star hotels are really 4 star hotels in India.

With the sheer scope and breadth of the market in India, the Indian stock market is set to become one of the largest in the world.  We do still plan on incorporating in Singapore but want to focus on the Indian markets as well in case there is any regulation that inhibits us from trading in Western countries.

As many of us realize, there is a storm coming and the prospects for day trading and investing in 2013 can become limited.  Focusing on the future is what we aim to do at the Day Trading Academy in case there is any regulation passed that will hinder our ability to trade.

Day trading is after all, our livelihood.

We plan on continuing to investigate the opportunities to opening up a day trading center in Mumbai as well as in New Delhi.  We also plan to do a bit of traveling through India as it is one of the most incredible places in the world.

Stay profitable my friends.


  1. Hey,

    Spotted you from Hugh, you should learn to day trade at Thailand or Taiwan and especially Singapore. Their infrastructure and multi-cultural adaptation of both the food and living lifestyle are somewhat similar to other countries. I never been to India but with Little India in Singapore, I believe I can understand their smell and food. Spicy to the stomach and uncomfortable to your nose.

    I plan to follow suit once I can get my trading skill overlap my business as the latter creates too much debt.

    Trade well.

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