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My Day Trading Office In The Colombian Coffee Region

Day Trading In Colombia

While day trading in Colombia I was day trading & travelling through some of the most remote regions of the interior of the country.  The reason for the trip was to not only see the Colombian coffee region but also to help a photographer with a video project he was working on.  The result is above.

This was an office at a photo studio and I  not only had issues with the internet, I also had an issue in trying to find a legitimate day trading office! The internet worked most of the times at the photo studio but you can see I have my Blackberry attached to the laptop to use it as a back up.  One of the things that I plan on talking about soon is trading off of 3g/4g mobile broadband services as I have extensive experience with this.

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  1. great post Marcello….i have been waiting for a post like this. When I start trading I plan on using a 17inch laptop and since i am a beginner and still unfortunately working a 9-5 job my plan was to use a laptop with a wireless mobile broadband stick to trade off off so I am really looking forward to your insight on this subject

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