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Trader Goes Live: 38.75% Return – 10 Straight Days Of Profit – No Losses (Less Than 1 Hour A Day)

Meet Danyel.

Another trader that has gone live with amazing results.

Danyel just achieved (count them) 10 straight days of profitable trades.

He did not have one losing day!! 

 We would like to put this into perspective for you.

You could be 18 years old with a full plate of University classes or 50 years young with a full family and career where you work 50-60 hours a week. You could be a mother raising newborns or even an entrepreneur that doesn’t think he has the time because he always works in the morning. We have trained professional hockey players, firemen, a man with no internet in the Democratic Republic of Congo (a country not so democratic and also with no internet to speak of), carpenters, and even painters.

Danyel was born in none other than the chaotic and further decaying country of Venezuela.

He ended up living in Bogota, Colombia and undeterred, became a business man with not one, not two, but three different businesses.

He found us on the Day Trading Academy Facebook page (the Spanish page mind you) where we often share live trades and results from many of our traders.  He was intrigued by the impressive results of our in house traders and newly formed day trading center in Colombia and decided to join the training program.

With 3 businesses, many of which he has to run in the morning, he studied diligently to become consistent on simulation.

Studied at nights and weekends for the record.

He promptly visited our day trading center in Medellin and asked if he was ready to go live. Like many traders, he wasn’t ready the first time he asked. Once he saw a few weeks of consistency he decided to go live and WHAM!

The worst thing happened….. 

He was profitable 10 days in a row and didn’t have one losing day.

He was able to make a 38.75% return on his account in just 10 days. Footnote here, he did open his account with $3,000 which is double the amount of money we normally recommend to traders. $1500 is what we normally recommend with $1,000 being the absolute minimum to open an account to trade E-mini Futures. If he would have opened his account with just $1500 he would have made 77.5% on his account.

As I write this he is on week 4 of trading live and continuing his journey to becoming a professional trader.

I wanted to share Danyel’s story because here is a man that is running 3 businesses and ONLY HAS an hour or two in the morning to dedicate to this. He only takes 2/3 trades a day and is normally done in roughly 30 minutes every single day.

No whats your excuse for not learning how to day trade?

Click here to watch the video on YouTube if you are having trouble


  1. Hi Marcello,

    Interesting and inspiring story.

    I came across you and DTA a couple of months ago, initially via some of your traveling and trading videos on Youtube. One thing we have in common is we both traveled to and were impacted by Ethiopia and Colombia 🙂

    Been following your websites, trading and traveling videos and posts for some time, always filled with interesting info and insights. I have a couple of years of stock and option investing/trading experience, but so far have never really been daytrading, but I’m considering this. Since you frequently mention that you mostly/only trade and make most of your profits in the morning/opening hours , I have some questions about this.
    Is it in the morning hours just because that is objectively proven to be the best time to make profits, or just because those are the hours that you prefer to trade, and you trade very little in the afternoon ?
    I’m European, so having a full time job say till 6 PM European time, would only allow one to trade in the US-afternoon / last hours of the trading day. Are these hours just as suitable for making good trades as a daytrader, or are there certain reasons why these hours are less suitable ? what is your opinion on this ?
    Looking forward to receiving your view on this.
    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work

    1. Hey Greg, great to hear from you.

      The majority of our traders never trade more than an hour or two a day because they are able to do very well in just the morning. We also tailor our program so that regardless of where you are located or what your schedule is like, you can learn to trade. So even if you have a full time job in Europe, you can still study on the weekends or at night. One of our most successful Master Trader that plays hockey professionally in Europe was able to learn without ever attending a live class. You don’t really have to worry about trading the live market in the morning versus the afternoon until you are actually ready to go live. Once you’ve learned how to read the market (whether it’s at night or on the weekend) and reach that point, you can actually trade any market in the world, whichever suits your allotted time for trading. The most important thing is learning to trade consistently by understanding market behavior first.

  2. I have a question for Danyel.

    What did you start reading and studying before simulation? where can i find this info so i can study every day?

  3. Hi Carlos, Thank you for writing us!!!

    I started reading and studying the material that DTA offers us, it is a very good program and quite easy to understand! I encouraged you to review this site and learn more about the DTA’s program. If you you need more information you can write an email to support(@) thedaytradingacademy (dot) com and they are able to solve any doubt.

    Thanks again for the question and I hope you enjoyed my testimony.

    Danyel Pérez
    From Bogotá, Colombia

  4. Hello,
    Are there 3 sections to your program? Beginner, advanced, pro? Also what is the length of time and cost per section?

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