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Day Trading in Rio De Janeiro

Sunset in Rio as I was writing this post

This week started off great especially since I ended the day with a view that you see above, it seems like every day I remind myself what a beautiful city Rio de Janeiro is. Do not be fold however, Rio is a beautiful city from faraway not from up close.  I’m really excited about this week, not only because it’s my birthday, but I’m also officially moving into a new apartment which will be the control center from here on out in Brazil.

Wednesday happens to be my birthday which is also an excellent birthday present

On Tuesday night, Brice, the third and last member of the LTD Project is set to arrive a full eight days late. He is Canadian and I love the fact that before officially learning my strategy he is already trading live with it. At first I thought that he was on Western time because he did everything right away, arriving eight days later Brazil I have learned that is actually on Colombian time.

Actually make that Africa time, three days would have been Colombian time.

I was born in a Latin American country and I am used to being late, but one thing I was never used to with how late everything was when I was living in Africa. The most of backwards countries that I have ever visited have been in Africa, that is the charm of the continent right?

Now I will be getting acclimated in Brazil and tomorrow, barring bad weather, we are going to try and reenact a music video that was filmed right here in Rio de Janeiro.  If you don’t like rap music just meet the video and look at the background, the city is gorgeous.

The city of Rio de Janeiro is beautiful, literally. Enjoy the video.

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