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April 10th Recap: 21 points – Over $10,000 Available

As I am writing this post, I just informed Brice that quote “Pascua” is spelled with u-a at the end and not a-u, Pascua is Spanish for Easter.  I keep trying to remind them that were in Brazil now, not Colombia. The LTD Project Brazil has officially started.  I will have you know that I actually met Brice through twitter, we had a blind date eating an entire table of sushi and it was love at first sight.

Day traders are normally very weird people,

Brice and I actually have a very similar mentality to life, it was very refreshing to meet a like-minded day trader with a similar personality that loves to have fun.  It was more of a coincidence since I met him in one of my favorite cities (Medellin, Colombia). Now the world’s up most experts on day trading, traveling, dancing salsa, and eating the notorious half pound hotdogs at street vendors after dancing the night away, will officially become the upmost experts on drinking caipirinhas on the beaches of Copacabana.


The Famous Caipirinha

While I will formally introduce Brice and let every we know how we first met at a later time, what you need to know is that the 3rd “mini me” has now arrived in Rio and I’m about to show him what a WanderingTrader’s lifestyle is really like.  It is mostly about freedom but it’s also about working hard and playing hard at the same time.

Everything is 110%.

This skies are supposed to be clear tomorrow morning and we plan on visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue, getting settled in our new apartment, and setting a plan for the next three weeks.  I’m going to share a bit more details once we get a plan together but as of right now, there is no plan.

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