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How Is This Going To Work? Logistics, Payments, Finding People

For me, day trading is a lifestyle, not a profession.

I have been able to live in 10 countries across four continents because I’m able to work wherever I want, whenever I want, even making money in a recession.  It’s not about making money as much as it is being able to live the life that you want to live.

In order for me to train someone how to day trade, I want them to experience my lifestyle as well (check out my travel blog,  Since I normally rent an apartment in the country that I visit, I thought what would be a better idea than to have the person I am training, come to me? I think it would give somebody the opportunity to see the kind of lifestyle that is possible and also learn in a one on one setting with me, in person.

While I have found more effective ways to train people over the years ,there is nothing more effective than one on one training, it’s one of the reasons I gave everyone currently enrolled in the training program the opportunity for Military Training.

View From My Apartment in Chile

The plan is to try to find someone that is honest, hard-working, and disciplined. Age does not matter, intellect does not matter, the single most important thing to me is finding somebody who wants it. You can be the most intelligent man the world and be so lazy that you can’t get up to fix yourself breakfast in the morning.

I want someone that is so hungry they can start day trading better than I am

I want the guy who wants it so bad that he is willing to take out $25,000 in student loans when he’s working for $8 an hour somewhere (click here to learn more about my trading journey).  I don’t expect any of these guys to take out a loan since I will be financing them but that is what I did when I first started, I want somebody who is serious and wants to do this, not someone who is lazy.

So the idea is to have them come to me, not only will I finance their account, but I will teach them everything  that I have learned in my 10 year career.  They are going to get everything they need to start day trading in the stock market so they don’t have to rely on anybody else to make money.  Once they arrive, they will have a place to live and I will pay for their food, they can pay for their skittles and ” extracurricular activities”.

The only thing that will have to cover is the flight to where ever I am

I have learned over the years that no one takes something serious that is free, so I’m willing to put the funds and support this person but I’m not going to babysit anyone and essentially pay their bills.  A better question now is where exactly am I going to find serious candidates to day trade for me? Luckily, I have an uncle that used to be a school teacher who has an endless supply of bright young man that are interested in working for themselves.

There are two specific people in mind, the first is a young man from Cuba, and another not so young man from India.  Both are US Citizens and were students of my uncle at one point in time.  While I was sitting there on top of a mountain in Ushuaia, Argentina, it was time to get a hold of these young men start the process.


  1. This sounds like an amazing opportunity! Those two students have a chance that I’m sure many (including myself) would jump at in a heart beat. Does this have anything to do with your post the other day asking for video submissions?

    1. Thanks Adam.. I actually have three people now that are going to be part of the LTD Project.. one is with me right now in Brazil! This is different.. there is a contest that I was running and I have the LTD Project where I am training a handful of traders to trade for me and with me

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