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Day Trading Scams

Day Trading Scams have been around online for a very long time.  When people contact me for day trading training I hear horror stories of people spending tens of thousands of dollars for something that they never end up using.

Automated day trading systems and platforms that promise results and training that isn’t what was promised. The reason why I started this site was to help day traders that were coming to me from help when they weren’t getting the training they needed with other companies that I have been with.

I decided to start training new students because I wanted everyone to receive an education from a real day trader and not someone that sold software to make a profit. Below you will find a list of things that you want to pay attention to when trying to learn how to day trade.

If you are interested in learning what day trading strategy I have been using for the last 10 years or even want to learn how I am teaching brand new day traders how to trade and chronicling the process, sign up for updates below!

In House Day Traders (We All Day Trade)

I want you to think very hard about what I am about to you ask you.  If day trading was so easy, why is there a man behind a microphone telling you how to do it? Don’t you think that if it was that lucrative that he would be doing it himself?

The secret is that most day trading companies DONT TRADE THEIR OWN STRATEGIES, there lies the principle problem of why only 10% of traders actually make money.

If the person teaching you how to day trade doesn’t trade himself how are you supposed to learn properly? I personally day trade my own strategy and I refuse to allow anyone work with me, or for me, with the Day Trading Academy that doesn’t have a proven track record.

There is a very big difference with day traders that have actually day traded their own account in comparison to those that haven’t.  Find someone that is transparent and actually day trades their own account, otherwise you are going to be doomed from the start.

Day Trading Indicators

You have heard this a million times about day trading indicators, “our proprietary indicators” are this and that.  I’d like to formally tell you that all of these “proprietary indicators” can be found online for free.

If you see anyone saying that their indicators are proprietary then that is the first warning sign that you should walk away. Unless there are automatic plotting indicators where extra coding is required you shouldn’t pay attention to the fact that anyone has “proprietary indicators”.

Most indicators that you see in the day trading world are indicators that have been used for more than 10 years.  What day trading companies do is change the colors and then give them a unique name to correlate with their way of doing things and voilah! You have proprietary indicators!

One of the most important things that I teach my day traders is being able to read the market and understand how the market works.

When we really understand how the market moves, and most importantly, why the market moves the way it does, indicators become secondary and the market becomes the primary thing we pay attention to.  Its the market that we are trading after all, not indicators.

Live Trading Rooms

I have been trading for close to 10 years and I find that live trading rooms are one of the most overdone things that anyone can talk about.

Everyone makes it sounds like the live trading room is what you are missing to find success.  And I quote: “You can join the live trading room, we have a pro trading room, we also have a basic live trading class!”

The truth is you don’t learn how to drive a car when your mom is driving, you don’t learn how to ride a bike when your dad is holding on to the handle bars, and you don’t learn how to hit on a woman until you actually go through it yourself.

You need someone to help you along the way but in order to be a professional day trader we have to learn how to day trade on our own, live trading rooms aren’t the answer.

Looking in the mirror and deciding what we want to do is one of the hardest things we can do with our lives, in day trading its the only thing that we have to do to be successful.

Don’t let anyone tell you need a live trading room to be successful.

Day Trading Strategies

The truth behind day trading strategies is that most strategies on the market are variations of other strategies.  There are two different ways to day trade, with the trend or against the trend.

No one has come up with a unique way to trade the market in a very long time and most day trading strategies on the market are just renamed, rehashed, and repackaged in a better sales pitch.

Understand that you can develop your own strategy but it will take much longer than buying one that is already proven.

Automated Trading Systems

There are two reasons why automated trading systems and automatic indicators don’t work, the market always changes and its hard to program an automatic plotting system that moves with those changes.

The fact that the majority of automated trading systems use indicators that can be found on the internet for free compounds the problem that companies are essentially putting extra frosting on the muffins to make them look attractive when you can eat muffins without any frosting for free.

Under no circumstance should you buy any automatic plotting indicators or software.

Things You Should Know About Day Trading

I provide plenty of free information to day traders that sign up for my free email newsletter.  I share information about my personal day trading strategy that I day trade my own account with and also provide updates on what it takes to be a day trader.

I am now personally training a group of day traders and will be chronicling the process with the Learning How To Day Trade Project.  If you want to learn more about day trading sign up for updates below: