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Why You Should Start Day Trading Right now

In the eyes of the typical investor the current global recession has brought many markets to it’s knees.  There has been trillions of dollars of losses in the stock market and even life savings that have been completely lost.  Don’t believe it?  Click here to check out my story.For the classic investor the mentality is you want the market to go up.  You buy low and a billion years from now your investments are worth more because the fancy gentlemen in a tie told you that it was a good investment.

Right now is the best time to make money Day Trading

This new market volatility and volume has been a blessing for day traders. Day trading allows people to make money when the market goes up and when it goes down as well.  I prefer to trade futures instead of stocks since there are not restrictions when shorting a product.  Shorting means that you make money when the market goes down.

If there is a global collapse in the financial markets, governments around the world have the right to cut off trading completely.  In the recent financial crisis there was serious discussions (and actions) for people trading certain stock.

When fear grips the world market usually goes into a panic with wild swings.  When there is uncertainly in the world that’s when the market moves best for day traders.  Fear means indecision and when there is indecision there is more movement.  More movement means more money.  For new day traders it is both a blessing and disguise when the market behaves this way because it is harder to read the market but there is also more chances to make money.

There is more opportunity in the market which means that you will have more practice.  You can make more mistakes since there will be more chances for you to take additional trades.  In the last few weeks alone I personally know traders that have decided to take months off since they have done so well day trading.

So what are you waiting for?

Have a look around this site and find all the resources and tools that you need to understand what day trading is and how it works.  I’m also in the process of personally training someone to day trade which I am chronicling at the Learning How To Day Trade Project.


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