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The Week Isn’t Over Yet But We Had To Share These Results

The market has been rallying this week and we have seen a exceptional movement for trading.  We wanted to share last weeks results in the meantime because we have seen absolutely amazing market activity. Many of our traders have been able to excel in this type of environment.

One of the most important things in learning how to day trade is understanding how to read the market properly.

Our Master Traders are able to adapt to whatever the market has thrown at them. Nikolai had over 50 points! This is absolutely unfathomable! 50 points is roughly $2512.50 in one week. Many traders decreased their contract load due to the change in data that affected everyone using tick charts. If he was trading his normal contract load he would have been able to make roughly $25,125.00 in just one week.

Jim Steele, the one and only trader we call Superman has exceptional results as well. One 20 point day and two 10+ point days.

We would like to note that these are only four days of results. Nikolai didn’t trade on Tuesday, and Jim sent us his charts for the first four days so far this week.

Last, but not least, is Daniel. The up and coming Master Trader that started his career as a day trader just 13 weeks ago. After going live he achieved 10 days with no losers and is now up 157.60% in 12 weeks.  In just a few months he has been able to recover all of his investment in his new day trading business.

First up is Nikolai







Next up is the one and only Jim. He does trade all day but we only included his morning charts. The results are good enough as it is in the morning!


Jim Junio 3 editado

Tuesday:Jim Junio 4 editado

WednesdayJim Junio 1 editado

ThursdayJim Junio 2 editado

Daniel is a trader that trades only 15 minutes to about an hour a day. He runs three businesses and is he able to make 157.60% return in just three months. He only takes one or two trades normally. Here are his results for this week:


Danyel 060115

TuesdayDanyel 060215

Danyel 060315

ThursdayDanyel 060415


Danyel 060515

Look forward to sharing our trader’s results for this weeks activity!

Stay tuned…..

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