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Stock Watchlist August 4th & Colombian Traders Up $1272.40

We have been running our watch lists for potential stocks to buy based on a new strategies we are implementing here in Colombia.  We are looking at trading both Colombian and stocks based in the US.   The idea is to give anyone the possibility of trading and investing in stocks overseas.

This specific strategy was developed by one our Colombian traders nicknamed “Camilo Stocks”.  He has been trading exceptionally well in the markets and we plan on offering a course to show how to be able to capitalize on stocks. We have also been making recommendations since the beginning of the year in what to invest and trade. Those results have been exceptional as well.

Here are some of our recommendations and alerts. Feel free to check our results

Although we can’t tell investors exactly where to enter and exit we can talk about potential trends so investors can make better decisions. The concepts and techniques we teach all of our traders at The Day Trading Academy allow them to learn when to enter and exit trades.

Feel free to see our live entries and exits on The Day Trading Academy Twitter page. We also post live updates to our trader’s positions.  Last week we only did our watchlist in Spanish but plan on doing a watchlist every week in English and Spanish.

Here is a review of last weeks activity and this week’s watchlist:

Our Colombian Trader’s Open Positions

They have been doing very well so far with positions open in the ES, Gold, and Natural Gas.  Superman, one of our best Master Traders, had his best week ever last week. One day with 30 points and with nearly 80 points for the entire week. Drinks are on him.

Here is a live chart from our Colombian traders (click to enlarge chart).


Update with our Colombian Traders… they are up $1185 now looking for profits targets. Here is the ES chart (click to enlarge chart).


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